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Chaga Mushroom Tincture

What is a Chaga mushroom tincture?

We at Medicinal Foods will be exploring what it is, its history, and how it is used.

Chaga is the common name for Inonotus obliquus, a variety of fungus that expands on birch trees. Referred to as one of the "plants of immortality," It has been generally made use of to boost the immune system and also enhance overall health.

Tinctures are indicated to be used as a nutritional supplement and taken 1-3 times daily or as needed. Our fungi solution is drawn out making use of a dual removal strategy that involves month-long alcohol soak adhered to by a warm water product for optimum extraction of both alcohol and water-soluble constituents. You can take the extract directly from the bottle or add them to coffee, tea, juice, or water.


To ensure that you are getting the best product essence we have established the Removal 2.0 method – this includes warm water and also alcohol removal with Ultrasonic Assisted Removal.

Fungi cell walls are made of chitin, an all-natural fibrous compound indigestible in the human gut. The chitin cell walls can be partially broken down with alcohol.

We are making use of sector-leading Ultrasonic Assisted Removal (UAE) modern technology. With the mix of water, alcohol, and also UAE we can draw water-soluble as well as alcohol-soluble compounds out of the Mycelium.

As a result, removal is basic in producing pure as well as potent spore extracts.

Fungi fruiting bodies only

100% Finnish and organic. No mycelium, no fillers, only fruiting bodies used. Have a look at our Learn section for why we utilize fruiting bodies just in our casts.

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Chaga Mushroom Tincture:

This fascinating mycelium has high degrees of bioflavonoids that protect the body from oxidative stress and anxiety as well as has been utilized throughout the ages to tonify and inform the body immune system, nurture the adrenals, fight infections, and also assist general wellness. It also can aid in reducing inflammation as well as balancing blood glucose degrees and cholesterol.

  • In the areas where it is discovered, This plant has been used for centuries as alternative medicine. Just in recent years has it been studied extensively for its unique medical buildings. Research study has found that this fungus has among the greatest antioxidant levels of any kind of food.

  • This substance is a powerful antiviral since it aids turn on lymphocytes (white blood cells) and various other immune cells like Natural Killer (NK) cells. NK cells seem like sci-fi, yet they’re actual and can damage viruses while working with the remainder of the body’s immune system to include infections.

  • This fungus draws out nutrients from its host tree and transforms them into a type that can be quickly digested by human beings. Beta-glucans may help preserve a strong body immune system. Melanin might advertise healthy and balanced skin, hair as well as eyes. Betulinic acid is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and bacterial. Enhanced Superoxide Dismutase may promote the clearance of free radicals and safeguard against mobile damage.

Tinctures are indicated to be used as a dietary supplement as well as taken 1-3 times day-to-day or as required.

Our product cast is drawn out making use of a dual extraction method that involves a month-long alcohol soak followed by a hot water decoction for ideal extraction of both alcohol and water-soluble constituents. You can take casts directly from the bottle or add them to tea, coffee, juice, or water.

Often referred to as "King Mushrooms" as well as a "Super Food,” they are a potent all-natural supplement that uses a wide variety of remarkable health and wellness and also health benefits.

The plant flaunts an impressive nutrient profile, including polysaccharides, phytonutrients, melanin, potassium, as well as betulinic acid in addition to a host of other minerals and also vitamins that are essential to keeping your body’s peak performance.

These crucial ingredients contribute to supporting your anxious and also immune systems, in addition to offering all-natural detoxing, while increasing your energy degree, as well as improving the total feature of your essential bodily organs.

The substance specifically heightens the impacts, as the focused extract is more readily taken right into your bloodstream, as a result of the ethanol (ethyl alcohol) infusion.

Key Wellness & Health Supply:

Reduced anxiety action.
Anti-aging revitalization.
Optimum heart rate maintenance.
Stimulation of enzyme manufacturing and also metabolic rate.

Raised mental clarity and also feature.

Optimum blood sugar degrees.
Enhanced food digestion and digestive tract function.

Much better and a lot more youthful-looking skin and also hair (with external applications).

What’s the difference between essence and tincture?

An essence is just that – an extraction of specific chemicals from a plant or fungus into an essential oil solution that retains some of the properties of the source material.

The resin found in chaga mushrooms contains compounds like betulinic acid (a powerful anti-inflammatory), but only in relatively minuscule amounts. An essence has to be added drop by drop into a carrier oil or other base, and then diluted for use. Extracts tend to have the chemicals already separated from one another so that they can be applied more easily.

What are some uses for a tincture?

Tinctures are used medicinally to treat many different types of conditions including respiratory illnesses, skin issues, urinary problems, circulatory, liver, and blood disorders.

It works to improve immune system function in combating things like cancer, arthritis, chronic inflammation, candida overgrowth, fungal infections of all types including yeast infections and vaginal thrush, depression and anxiety.


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