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Blend of Non-drowsy, Relaxing Herbs for greater inner-Peace, Confidence, and Calm Energy.

100 Servings of our potent and expansive “Shen” (Spirit) tonic to help increase self-awareness, enhance relaxation and instill a sense of peace by creating a connection between the Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Ancient Taoists and Zen masters revered these Shen herbs for use on their spiritual path.

This relaxing herbal blend contains medicinal herbs that can help regulate the body's natural functions. Get better rest with calming herbs for sleeping like Eclipta and Albizzia Julbrissin Flower.

Spirit Tonic will not cause drowsiness nor fatigue, but will help the body to relax and rest better at night.†

Feel more in control with herbs for anxiety like Bupleurum and Spirit Poria.†

Build blood, improve circulation and support skin health with herbs like Longan and Jujube.†

The alchemy of Spirit Tonic was created with the intention of tonifying and harmonizing the body and soul and help create the sensation of “Zen within.”

Try Spirit Tonic today, a relaxing superfood mix to help propel you on your journey towards inner-peace and well-being.


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Spirit Tonic Herbal Blend Contains:

  • Albizzia Julibrissin Flower, great for the Brain and said to calm the Spirit and nourish the Heart.  Spiritually activating.
  • Eclipta, Good for liver and Kidney Yin, cooling to the blood, and great for the hair.  Cooling to the scalp and reduces anger.
  • Bupleurum, Great for stress, this detoxifier* can move the liver and build Spleen Chi excellent for stress.
  • Longan, calming to Spirit and nourishing to blood, adding luster to the skin. The most beautiful women in China ate Longan daily.
  • Schizandra, the Five Flavor Fruit is used to center the mind, pull everything inward and stop kidney Jing leakage. Also used for PMS, Night Sweats and High Cholesterol
  • Licorice, the great harmonizer the ground and balances the formula and builds Spleen Chi for assimilating nutrients out of food.*
  • Spirit Poria, Balances emotions and settles the spirit.  Excellent to prepare one for meditation.  Nourishes spleen.*
  • Polygala, connecting Jing and Shen, calms the spirit, removes invisible phlegm from chest and brain and enhanced the kidney – heart connection.*
  • Jujube, one of the two harmonizing herbs besides licorice.  Sweet taste, helps to build blood.*
  • Rhodiola, grown high in the Himalayas this chi builder and blood oxygenator contains serotonin and dopamine activators.*

As you tonify your organs think of these amazing tonics, as foods, like the Ancients did.  These superfoods are to be consumed in relatively large quantities, as medicinal foods.
A serving size is one heaping Tablespoon, 1-2 times daily.  With the intention of Tonifying, you need only mix in your tea, smoothie or elixir once or twice a day to receive the many benefits.
Over time begin to take notice of the results you are experiencing.  Do you feel more rested, alert and energized?  Are you experiencing less stress and more abundance?  Is your vision clearer and do you have more strength?

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*† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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