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How to get clear skin

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There are many health gurus and dermatologists with simple and direct tips on how to get clear skin when you are experiencing unwanted blemishes, acne or general irritation that negatively affect our physical appearances.

We all have a unique experience with this ever-important organ of our body. While we all face outbreaks of acne during our teenage years, some people still struggle with them into their 20 and 30s, and even later in life.

They can be a source of embarrassment, and it is common for people to spend hundreds of dollars per year covering up these spots using expensive creams and lotions.

These solutions can mask the outbreak for a short time, but don’t produce excellent results in the long-run.

Genetic factors also play a role, as some people’s bodies remove toxins more rapidly through the face than from other areas of their body.

How to have clear skin

Fortunately, there are many approaches to dealing with breakouts and otherwise troublesome and stubbornly recurring fits of acne or facial blemishes.

The first step is to make sure we are washing our bodies twice (or more) times a day to remove dirt, oil and bacteria that naturally builds up from interacting in the world.

Also, after sweating it is important to wash because sweat itself contains toxins that, if not quickly remove, builds up and causes breakouts.

Here are some other general tips that will give an overview on what we can do about this situation.

A Healthy Organic Diet

Acne and blemishes are the result of the body removing toxic substances and bacteria.

So from this perspective it is actually a good sign that our body is successfully removing unneeded particles from our organs and bloodstream, instead of them building up and being stored in other parts of our body.

So the very first question should be: what am I putting into my body? Am I eating foods that have artificial ingredients that my body doesn’t recognize and is trying to remove?

People who experience dermatological problems often have very sensitive immune systems that deal with toxic substances quickly and directly. These people can get breakouts just a few hours after eating inorganic or junk food.

The fresher the food, the better. Alcohol can be a consistent culprit because the fastest way the body removes it is through the skin, so reducing its intake is always a smart idea.

Smoking, another obvious culprit, causes unwanted conditions, and people who quit smoking will see a drastic reduction in outbreaks and acne.

Fried and oily foods should also be limited as much as possible, as oils can very quickly clog pores and produce acne and pimples.

Hydrate Frequently

When we are constantly drinking pure water our cells are able to be moisturized and replenished.

And this goes for every cell in our body, not just the dermis and epidermis layers. This, again, helps to remove bacterias and perform a general detox of our cells and organs.

These days it is not as easy to get pure, uncontaminated drinking water as it may seem. Many bottled waters contain chlorine, bromine, fluoride, and other industrial pollutants that act as neurotoxins and have a degenerative effect on cells.

They can also cause unwanted irritation to the coverings of our body, so having a strong filtration system at home, such as a ceramic gravity filtration system, or a reverse-osmosis system, will remove most if not all heavy metals and pesticides that seep into our drinking water.

This is an important step because the water may look clear, but in fact has many pollutants that build up in the body over time and amount to a hidden source of toxicity that is being removed through the skin.

Avoid Industrial Make-up

Make-up and beauty products are a multibillion dollar industry in part because there is such a demand to look attractive while emphasizing one’s natural features.

But most companies use petroleum as a standard and base ingredient, and include many, many other laboratory-produced pigments and chemicals that do not naturally occur in nature.

So while looking beautiful is a big priority for many people, especially those seeking to cover up blemishes, acne and outbreaks, the make-up and creams used to cover them up may be doubling down on the problem.

This can extend to hair products (sprays, dyes, shampoos and conditioners), and body soaps.

Unfortunately, artificial chemicals are very common in both these products, so checking the ingredients is important, because you may be adding a heavy toxic load without even knowing.

Today, many products will be labeled “noncomedogenic” or “oil-free” to show that they have removed petroleum and other oils, which is a good step in the right direction to all-natural products.

Fortunately, organic make-up companies are emerging that use natural pigments and are becoming more popular.

Finding and investing in these companies can help balance out the desire to look beautiful while not adding artificial chemicals directly to your face that the body doesn’t recognize and then purifies out.

Avoid Processed Sugars

Several studies have been produced that show people who reduce intake of foods that have a high glycemic index are significantly able to reduce their acne and outbreaks.

In 2009, over 2,000 participants were put on a low sugar diet. Not only do almost everyone lose weight, but 87% said they had less acne, and 91% reported the didn’t need as much acne medication.

Processed sugars seem to be everywhere in food products these days, so it is important to be vigilant and check the ingredients on what you purchase.

White breads, crackers, baked goods, and certain foods high in carbs can be an overlooked source of artificial sugars that can be cut back on to reduce the body’s overall sugar intake.

How to get clear skin overnight

Outbreaks can happen overnight, but can they be removed overnight?

In theory and in practice, yes. There are many organic and all-natural facial masks that can purify the pores on the face in quick time.

Again, the less amount of ingredients, the better.

There are many over-the-counter masks that can actually exacerbate breakouts because of excessive exfoliation, which is removing the dead cells so new ones can appear.

Look out for completely organic, all-natural ingredients when searching for face masks and moisturizers.

One solution is to develop your own face mask with organic materials that, from trial and error, can be a long-term home remedy.

And when we say overnight, we mean yes, literally overnight, because getting enough sleep is another important factor in making sure our body has enough time for cells to replenish themselves.

Getting enough beauty sleep is a real phenomenon, not just an old-time adage, so making sure we get 6-8 hours per night is important.

And make sure not to oversleep (9-10+ hours) which will cause grogginess and a sluggish disposition that will negatively affect one’s overall appearance.

How to get clear skin fast

A key takeaway is that that when we have disrupted epidermis layers that are oily, dirty and otherwise malaffected, we need to start with simple steps, such as daily washing and not touching our face, which spreads the bacteria from the hands.

And the next critical understanding that what appears on the surface has its source from underneath.

If we want to know how to get clear skin fast we need to control what we are putting into our body, because if we are putting in toxic and artificial substances, eventually we will see them emerge through our pores.


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