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Have your skin tight and beautiful

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A common concern for people over the age of 35 is how to have your skin tight and beautiful.

Many people can struggle with the natural process of aging and feel they have little control over, but there are steps we can take to maximize an attractive exterior appearance even as we get older.

Longevity when it comes to physical appearance begins with what we are putting into our bodies. The first place to begin, and the time-proven solution, is having a holistically organic diet while exercising regularly.

But when the first onset of wrinkles appear it can cause people to worry they are aging faster than they would like.

How to tighten skin

The reason why we experience sagging, wrinkles and laxity to the largest organ of our body is because of a reduction of collagen networks, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is the most abundant structural component of our cells and tissues. It is found in our epidermis, tendons, bones and cartilage.

It is important for tissue repair, regeneration (building new cells), cellular communication, and the overall durability of our bodily structure.

Elastin fibers are similar to collagen, being made up of similar proteins and amino acid combinations, but is 1,000 times more flexible than collagen.

So while collagen gives the cells and tissues their strength, elastin gives the flexibility to stretch and then snap back into place with ease.

Hyaluronic acid is another naturally occurring substance that helps keep the tissues and cells hydrated, which in turn improves the structural integrity of collagen and the flexibility of elastin.

It is a gooey and slippery substance that acts like a glue to make sure our joints and tissues are operating like a well-oiled machine. It also acts like a lubricant that reduces joint pain and inflammation.

These three naturally occurring substances in our bodies are the source for having healthy, radiant and strong dermal layers.

But, as mentioned, their function and efficiency slows down as we age.

How to tighten skin on face

Besides the deficiency of these three cellular components, there are a number of other factors that can cause pre-mature or excessive looseness or sagging. They include:

  • Weight loss

  • Post-pregnancy

  • Menopause

  • Medications like steroids

  • Artificial tanning

  • Lotions and moisturizers with artificial (laboratory-produced) ingredients

  • Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol

Understanding these factors is important to target the source of the unwanted looseness, and seeing if they are a natural phenomenon (such as post-pregnancy or menopause) or if they can be removed from your diet altogether.

How to tighten neck skin

One area of the body that is of a primary concern for a loss of general elasticity is the neck. When people age or undergo significant weight loss this area can sag and produce jowls.

While the aforementioned creams that produce more collagen can help, at least temporarily, there are other solutions.

The first is reducing excessive direct sun exposure and its ultraviolet rays, which can break down collagen and elastin at a fast rate. While getting enough Vitamin D is also important, keeping sun exposure in balance is one thing to keep in mind.

Another solution is doing neck exercise that work on building muscle that helps fill in gaps in the lower layers of the dermis that may have recently grown because of a loss of subcutaneous fat.

Coined “neck yoga” or “facial yoga”, these exercise performed daily or every other day can provide a significant improvement in looseness if they are performed with consistency.

A half-hour of such exercises is recommended, and general neck stretching is another method that helps create a fit and lean neck and reduce looseness and sagging.

The more extreme solution is for surgery, which has become a common option.

After surgery, however, further aging the looseness could become even more exaggerated, so one should proceed with caution and not rush into electing surgery with what can be treated in a more holistic fashion.

Best skin tightening cream

There are many firming creams and products that target the producing of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid with a compound called retinoids.

These can help with minor production of the proteins mentioned, although many dermatologists do not consider them to be long-term effective solutions.

There are also collagen supplements that can be taken orally which also provide a moderate solution for looseness.

The best creams and lotions to use to treat looseness not just in the neck but any area of the body have a specific selection of compounds and vitamins.

When searching for a cream, check the ingredient list for:

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Retinol

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin B3

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin A

The first two, hyaluronic acid and retinol, are commonly found in most creams and form a base for promoting further collagen production.

Vitamin C, B3 and E are all also important in promoting collagen production, and looking for these, instead of artificial derivatives will boost the product significantly.

These vitamins also act as antioxidants, which work to kill off toxins throughout the body that slow cell regrowth efficiency and overall hydration.

In general, retinoid creams and collagen supplements can help boost production in the body, but act more like moisturizers that can help with overall hydration and the production of new cells.

Skin tight lotion

Since looseness and sagging pockets of flesh around the body is such a common condition as people age, it is a huge market for companies to market towards.

As you begin researching the possible lotions and creams you will notice dozens and dozens of options.

Most are produced by the same few companies who use massive laboratory budgets to create synthetic chemicals that imitate the naturally occurring proteins that the body produces.

Therefore it is critically important to seek-out products that are sourced by natural means to ensure that the looseness does not return once you stop taking the product.

Fortunately there are many options in today’s market made by smaller and more holistically organic companies.

Conscientious attention towards boosting collagen and elastin production by the most natural means possible is the most reliable way to have your skin tight and beautiful, and to ensure that you will age gracefully for many years to come.


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