Cancer Treatment Alternative

alternative cancer treatments.

Alternative Cancer Treatments starts with a healthy diet and environment. We all need to be eating more vegetables and focusing on a plant-based diet for overall health, but now researchers have discovered a compound in celery that demonstrates anti-tumor activity, making it one of several alternative cancer treatments. This compound is effective against several types of cancer--pancreatic, ovarian, liver, intestine, stomach, lung and breast cancers are all affected by apigenin. Apigenin is found in a variety of fruits and veggies, but celery is particularly rich in the compound.

alternative cancer treatments

Research has been done on apigenin to study its effect on tumor growth. When an oral extract of apigenin was given to subjects in the study, it was concluded that oral administration of the compound inhibited ‘micrometastasis’ in tumor growth and offered new evidence showing apigenin as one of the effective alternative cancer treatments.

Is Apigenin One of the Effective Alternative Cancer Treatments For Breast Cancer?

Studies done at the University of Missouri have also discovered that the apigenin compound is effective in inhibiting breast cancer tumor growth, which are stimulated by the steroid hormone progestin.

Apigenin is another effective alternative cancer treatment that you can use to assist with the inhibition of tumor growth in breast cancer as well.