Durian Health Benefits: From Up In The Tree

The durian health benefits are many and hanging out at the top of his 15 year old Hawaiian Durian tree to tell you some of them.

Sky Kubby discussed the healthy living tips of eating Durian.

Hawaiian durian

This video was inspired by our first full fruit set!

I had so much fun filming this video from the Durian tops.

Dedicated to Durian Lovers everywhere.

Large Durians hang all around.

When the Durian comes down, the Sarong goes up!

While I was up in the Durian tree filming this video, Omra, reminded me what the little Balinese woman had told us in Bali.

Note to video: Durian "traditionally" bears fruit in the summer.

However that's Thailand and Malaysia...

Obviously here in Hawaii is different. It appears the season is November through March in Hawaii.

All of my other SE Asian trees fruit later and I attributed that to the higher 850ft. elev.