Chia Seed Energy Shot

Chia seeds provide amazing, sustainable and all-natural energy, delivering maximum nutrients with minimum calories. By consuming this chia seed energy shot, you will be promoting energy while detoxifying your body for maximum nutritional value. Chia seeds are a delicious and easy way to cleanse your colon!

Chia Seeds in Shot Glass

Recipe Ingredients:

Chia Seed Energy Shot

1 tsp. Medicinal Foods Organic Chia Seeds

4 ounces of Water

Recipe Directions:

Add one teaspoon of chia seeds into one cup (or shot glass of water). Allow the chia seeds to sit for about ten minutes. Give your chia gel mixture a little stir and then CHEERS to your health and energy boost!

*Add 1 tsp of chia seeds to any of your smoothies for additional nutrients in your daily diet!

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Original recipe and photo courtesy of Body Unburdened.