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Raw Chocolate Diet Chapter 3: Awake and Aware

Welcome back to the Lifestyles of the Raw and Chocolatey!
Scroll down to get this weeks chapter: Awake and Aware!

I hope you have been enjoying reading The Raw Chocolate Diet and having as much fun as I am Living The Raw Chocolate Lifestyle!

What’s all the buzz around Medicinal Foods Raw, Organic, Vegan, Superfood, Dark Chocolate LOVERS BAR?  See the video below…

Check out this VIDEO of Jason Wrobel experiencing a Lovers Bar for the first time, describing it as,  "A Sweet Caress" and proclaiming,  "I Feel Good!" after just one bite! This Celebrity Chef, TV star and wellness warrior is on fire, and we’re thrilled to have him as a fan!

Chapter 3: "Awake and Aware"

It’s time to wake up and enjoy your Morning Chocolate!  This chapter is dedicated to YOU and your morning practice… with a little help from the Spirit of Cacao!

Enjoy reading about some Healthy Living Tips to set the tone for an Amazing Day!
"The very best thing you can do for your health
is to use a Tongue Scraper, first thing in the morning."

Included in Chapter 3 are tips on:

  • Alkalizing
  • Your Morning Practice
  • Affirmations
  • Breath and Movement
  • Oral Care
  • Your Morning Chocolate

   "I feel Amazing today!"

  • Healthy affirmations from The Raw Chocolate Diet


Cacao Elixir anyone?
I developed the Cacao Elixir as the bedrock of this "Healing Diet" with vital nutrients, while creating the most satisfying texture and taste!

The Ingredients in Cacao Elixir includes the all-in-one ‘Shaman’s Blend’,  a balanced and delicious alchemy of superfoods and pure cacao! Our online price is unbeatable!

cacao elixir girl

The BEST addition or replacement for Coffee.  Or drink for an anytime “feel-good” drink! This is also a cleanse-friendly,  mineral-rich beverage!


Blend or stir 2 Tablespoons
with tea base and/or nut milk plus sweetener of your choice- or none at all! Try adding hemp seeds and blending this for breakfast,  and you have a creamy, fully nourishing, mineral and protein-rich superfood meal.






Similar to what Ancient Cacao Shaman’s Brewed up 1000 years ago! This Chocolate Superfood Mix is an experience unlike any other!

Artisan Chocolate Truffle bars taste so good, you simply fall in LOVE with chocolate all over again! These decadent morsels aren’t easy to make, but we do it for the Love of Chocolate!Mood Enhancing???

‘Lovers Bar’ is Raw Chocolate! Packed with Superfoods, Super-herbs and Medicinal Mushroom Mycelium… This is not your ordinary chocolate bar! Experience A Lovers Bar:

Thanks again for being part of the Medicinal Foods Tribe! Feel free say Aloha or shoot us a testimonial on one of these community links below.


In Radiant Health,


Sky Kubby,

CEO and Head Chocolatier

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