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Raw Chocolate Diet Chapter 4: Cleanse

Welcome to your Raw Chocolate Lifestyle!

It’s time for some Spring Cleansing!  The crazy thing about cleansing is that if you don’t start, you never experience the benefits!  Raw Chocolate makes initiating a cleanse possible!

At the time of writing this I’m on day 6 of a cleanse outlined in The Raw Chocolate Diet and I’m feeling GREAT!  I eased into my cleanse with Cacao Elixirs and Colon Cleansing and Chocolate Chia Pudding.  Decreasing the amount of roughage in my colon, shrinking my stomach and calming my appetite! You can do this too!…

Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I know what you’re thinking,
"Maybe next week, or even in a month! Yeah, that sounds even better… 
yeah, in another Month I’ll start a cleanse" 

Or you’re saying,
"I’m ready too, I just need a little push…" 

Well I’m here to give that gentle push and tell you NOW is the best time to
begin a cleanse! You never knew it could be so yummy and fun… That’s right,

So are you ready for some Spring Cleansing?
Finish reading this email and… you’ll discover a SWEET surprise!

Colon Cleansing Chocolate Chia Pudding!
Get the full Recipe is  Below:

Get the Colon Cleansing Chocolate Chia Pudding RECIPE BELOW:

Although it might take a minute getting over the hump, if you follow this cleansing protocol I’ve laid out in The Raw Chocolate Diet,  you’ll be feeling like a million bucks! Really!Many people are intimidated by cleanses and detox diets and they need a treat now and then! This is why I created the Medicinal Foods line of products serving as the most delicious and nourishing food to help balance and satisfy any craving!A good cleanse will help to revitalize and inspire a fulfilling sense of well-being.  We incorporate Colon Cleansing, Colon Hydrotherapy /Enemas and Liver/Galbladder flush into the Raw Chocolate Diet.In Chapter 4 You’ll Learn:
  • How Cleansing & Chocolate work together in a simple and delicious diet.
  • How to easily remove 3-5 lbs. of extra weight held stagnant in your colon!
  • Safely cleanse your Colon,  Liver and Gallbladder. 
  • Healthy Digestion Tips & Food Combining Rules.
CLICK HERE TO READ CHAPTER 4 NOW! Can you really cleanse with Chocolate? 
Yes! Cacao is loaded in magnesium,  which can make the bowels relax. I like to transition into and out of my cleanse… with chocolate! A Cacao Elixir as a meal replacement can clear out pounds of old material in the colon and stimulate the GI tract!

Combine Cacao Elixir with Chia Seeds and water. Blend to make a
Chocolate Chia Pudding!

RECIPE: Colon Cleansing Raw Chocolate-Chia-Tapioca Pudding

  • Soak a ratio of 1/3 cup of Chia per 1 cup of water.     Scale up recipe as desired.  Stir.
  • Put half the contents in Vita Mix or Nutri-Bullet


  • 1/2 of a Lovers Bar or 4 TBS of Cacao Powder
  • A Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
  • A dash of Himalayan Sea Salt
  • A Pinch of Cinnamon, Cardamom and/or Clove
  • 1-3 TBS of Honey, sweeten to taste

Blend thoroughly, several cycles of 7-10 seconds until smooth.

  • Pour contents of blender into a bowl
  • Add the Un-blended 1/2 of the soaked Chia on TOP of the puding. Stir.
  • Optional Garnish with Lovers Bar Chocolate Shavings
  • Place in refrigerator to gel up!


*** Candida Sensitive Variations:

  • Cacao Powder, No Chocolate, with Coconut Oil and Stevia Sweetened
  • Cacao Powder, no coconut oil, Honey Sweetened (allowing for better absorption of sugar without the presence of fat)

“The key to prevention is healthy digestion!”
Chinese Proverb 


I hope you are enjoying reading The Raw Chocolate Diet and having as much fun as I am Living the Raw Chocolate Lifestyle!

Thanks again for being part of the Medicinal Foods Tribe! Feel free say Aloha or shoot us a testimonial on one of these community links below.

In Radiant Health,

Sky Kubby,
CEO and Head Chocolatier




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