Raw Chocolate Diet Chapter 5: Elixir Bar

Welcome to the Lifestyles of the Raw and Chocolatey!

Now it is the Time to spruce up your Elixir Bar! Enjoy these Hydrating Elixirs and Superfoods Smoothies in your own home.


Included Elixir Recipes:

  1. Tea Bases
  2. Cacao Elixir
  3. Make Your Own Nut and Seed Milk
  4. Berry-Hemp Cream Shake
  5. Probiotic Kefir
  6. Dran-Gan Frappé
  7. Create Your Own List
  8. Jenn's Famous FRAWstie
  9. Reishi Maca-chino
  10. Maca - Blueberry "Shazam!"
Many of these creations begin with simple tea bases outlined in This Chapter.

             "Start your morning off right with warm liquids!""

Discover the Dran-Gon Frappé.  This exotic Elixir was a spontaneous creation out here in Hawaii and may not find its way to your Elixir Bar.  Read the Book to find out what it is.

The rest of the Elixirs, besides the Durian Smoothie, are more readily available and you should be able to make at home. Even Durian can be ordered, freeze-dried, and blended with Coconut water for a rare treat!

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