Best Vegan Hot Chocolate

It's ideal and normal to wake up in the morning or after a tedious day to have these pangs and sweet cravings for snacks or drinks like a vegan hot chocolate.

This drink serves more advantages, especially when you are a vegen, all of our products are.

Most times, food consumed by vegetarians is limited because of their diet and choice of consumption.

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This is one of the significant reasons we have vegan chocolate brewed to soothe their taste.

A large percentage of all chocolate bars, drinks, powder, and others in the market, groceries, and others are made of cow milk, artificial additives, and other animal byproducts.

Most of these brands mix their product with cow's milk, which has been researched to cause different anomalies in the human body system.

Over time dairy products have proved to cause more harm than good to the body system.

This has caused healthcare providers to warn people to desist from such products and led to a significant reduction in its consumption and intake by the masses.

Regardless of all, chocolate is one of the snacks and refreshments.

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You can feast on it with friends and families while celebrating, commiserating, or having a low appetite to consume heavy foods.

Would you eradicate or stop the consumption? No.

This is why new chocolates are being made or extracted from vegan, organic (plant-based) sources.

In simple terms, it includes any type or form of chocolate whose ingredients were purely extracted from non-animal sources.

When purchasing chocolate in a grocery store, always watch out for the quality and check the makeup ingredients to know if the real one is.

Always note that the fewer the ingredients in chocolate, the pure and vegan the chocolate will be.

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Although, there are different chocolate liquor, powder, and bars produced with minimal animal ingredients (cacao/cocoa content of approximately 50%).

Such products are recommended, even though they are not 100% vegan.

They are made and extracted from plant sources like almonds, caramel, peanut butter, truffle, dried fruit, or mint, all vegan-friendly.

However, they are not created equally by brands.

As stated above, always double-check the ingredient label to check for milk, fillers, and dairy-related tags.

People practicing veganism have different beliefs, mentalities, and levels of tolerance.

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Some vegans accept some of them, while others believe that a little touch of animal products taints its vegan state, which is considered unacceptable.

There are still arguments within vegans if honey and refined sugar are considered animal byproducts.

Some do not consume such products, while some believe it's absolute.

You may doubt if 100 % vegan (plant-based) chocolate will taste good like the dairy product.

Yeah, it's normal to have your doubts, but a taste of it would convince you.

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Vegan hot chocolate mix

Most of these products bought in a store may have little or minute additives.

These additives include dairy products, oils, stabilizers, preservatives, which derail the 100% vegan rule.

To avoid such situations, you can always make your vegan mix from the comfort of your home with little or no stress when you have the following recipes.

Cocoa Powder/Cacao

This is the main raw material you need to make your 100% drink.

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You can purchase any cocoa powder/ cacao of your choice.

The chocolate may be a cacao product (extracted from cocoa), but it must be rich in nutrients, dark with a very great taste.

It is more recommended to acquire processed cocoa (cacao or milk).

Coconut sugar

This sugar extracted purely from coconut fruit is mainly added to reduce the bitter flavor of the chocolate and cocoa powder.

This sugar helps to add a little sweetening taste and is more organic and useful than refined sugar-free.

If you can't find coconut sugar, organic cane sugar or vegan powdered sugar can substitute.

Non-dairy milk

This is the most complicated recipe to find for your mix.

You have to add non-dairy milk to keep the mix balanced to make your mix.

Soymilk and oat milk can be used to get 100% non-dairy milk.


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To give your mix a delicious taste and smell, you need to add a flavor to complement its subtle sweetness, though most of these flavors are pricey.

These flavors include a tiny splash of vanilla extract to your cocoa, vanilla-flavored non-dairy, vanilla bean or powder, gingerbread, apple pie, or pumpkin.

To promote its chocolate flavor, with little or no spiciness, add cayenne pepper.

Is hot chocolate vegan?

This is made from different methods by brands and people depending on the individual's taste and preference (hot, cold, and frozen).

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However, this mix has been the main emphasis in this content.

You may have a question bordering on whether this mix or ideal?

According to nutritionists and researchers, this mix is not good for vegans, posing a little harmful effect.

There are speculations that some of the additives included in preserving are harmful to the body.

Most of these preservatives have a high quantity of bad cholesterol.

How to make vegan hot chocolate

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You can also produce your chocolate at home.

There are only 5 ingredients needed to brew your hot cocoa at home and they are listed below:

  • Raw cacao or cocoa powder
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Hot Chocolate Burlap Cinnamon
  • Maple syrup or sugar
  • Sea salt
  • Vanilla
  • Salt

Vegan whipped cream

Pouring Hot Chocolate Frech Press Cacao

Making this mix appears very simple and can be carried out instantly.

Put a medium-sized pot on fire and heat for a while.

Add all the above ingredients (almond milk, cocoa, sugar, sea salt, vanilla, salt).

Warm the mixture for minutes. During warming, stir gently until creamy, smooth, and warm.

Please do not boil or apply a high temperature.


Raw Cacao Elixir Zen Superfood Organic Hot Chocolate

Chocolate is a ubiquitous fast snack that parents, kids, and all often feasted on.

There have been reports that dairy chocolate causes more harm than good.

This milk extracted from cows and animals has a high saturated fats level.

Excessive saturated fats cause an increase in the level of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein (LDL)) in the body.

When the level of these fats becomes extremely high, it increases susceptibility for a certain disease related to the heart and other cardiovascular anomalies.

Cacao Elixir With Mexican Spice Organic Hot Chocolate Superfood

Despite the scarcity of a pure 100%, you can always make your vegan hot chocolate.