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Balance Hormones Information

Our body’s way of regulating internal and external equilibrium is through the endocrine system.

At Medincinal Foods, we want you to maximize your health and wellness, so we’ve done some research to help feed your potential.

Dependable balance hormones information is critical to research when you’re feeling out of synch mentally or physically.

The endocrine system is responsible for the constant interchange of information regarding the chemical needs of our cells.

The system consists of organs – called endocrine glands – that secrete messages containing specific biological information that then travel through the bloodstream and are received by the intended cells.

We have specific glands designed to regulate certain processes, such as:

  • Metabolism

  • Sexual drive and reproduction cycles

  • Mood

  • Regulating stress

  • The sleep/wake cycle

Our endocrine systems are in charge of the day-to-day management of our cellular processes. If something is lacking in one area, the necessary messages are sent to balance them out.

When an imbalance occurs, it is usually caused by one of messaging centers to be malfunctioning in some way, and even subtle fluctuations will be readily felt.

The causes can be genetic, from physical trauma, or by harmful lifestyle choices such as ingesting toxic foods and drinks or not getting enough exercise.

The endocrine system is very subtle and specific when it comes to regulating cellular behavior. Scientists have discovered that it is deeply intertwined with the other systems of the body.

Some of their most important findings involve the interconnected highways of information between the brain and the gut.

The “gut” is a common term used for the organs in the digestive tract most importantly the small and large intestine.

So when our gut is not in a healthy condition, our endocrine system is sending messages directly to the brain via the bloodstream, which then affects our thoughts and mood.

Maintaining a large and small intestine in optimal condition depends predominately on our diet. So it is no wonder that when we treat our bodies well by eating nutritious and organic foods we feel good mentally.

How to balance hormones to lose weight?

Losing weight can be a battle for many people, but this battle is fought on more fronts than simply trying to burn excess fat off the body.

The endocrine system can easily get overlooked when trying to lose weight because chemical messengers are coordinating the cells to behave in specific ways.

These include when to burn or store fat, how we build muscle, and stress responses, all of which are critical when it comes to losing weight.

An imbalance in the endocrine system may even be one of the initial causes of the body gaining weight in the first place.

Women over the age of 40 can often experience weight gain that is rooted in endocrine imbalances. Some symptoms are:

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle pain

  • Reduced muscle mass

  • Hot flashes

  • Dramatic mood swings

  • Weight gain in the midsection

Determining if you have an imbalance can be done with a simple blood test. They can be performed at a doctors office, and are even available to be ordered and sent directly to your home and administered yourself.

Here are some chemical messengers that play a critical role in losing weight:


People who are not producing enough insulin are more likely to store fat than burn it, resulting in weight gain usually along the midsection.

Insulin is a chemical that absorbs sugar in the blood to be used as fuel for our muscles and brains. When the sugar is not absorbed it ends up getting stored as fat.

Diabetes is a disease when the pancreas is not producing enough insulin. Preventing the onset of diabetes depends on cutting out refined and processed sugars from your diet.


When we eat proteins this messenger is released and triggers the body to burn fat.

People who eat a diet high in carbohydrates struggle to lose weight because they are usually substituting carbs for proteins.

Testosterone and Estrogen

Males and females have both of these two primary sexual chemical messengers. When they get thrown out of balance weight gain is a common side effect.

For example, without enough testosterone the body will struggle to build muscle while burning fat during exercise. It’s also key in having sufficient amounts of energy to perform strenuous or even casual exercise.

A form of estrogen, called estradiol, is directly related to how a woman’s body stores fat and regulates weight.

Low levels of estradiol can lead to health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke if not addressed early on.

Does cbd balance hormones?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound extracted from a specific sub-species of the cannabis sativa plant. Another sub-species of cannabis sativa is marijuana and consuming its active compound THC will make you feel high.

But ingesting CBD from the other sub-species has no psycho-active effect when ingested. In fact, much scientific research suggests it plays a critical role in our endocrine system.

Many studies repeatedly show endocrine imbalances can be greatly improved when consuming CBD in an extracted oil form.

This is because our cells have cannabidiol receptors that directly interact with the endocrine’s systems cell receptors.

The intertwining of these two is called the endocannabinoid system.

Thus far, research has suggested taking CBD can improve metabolism, the sleep/wake cycle by getting deeper and more soothing sleep, and also with improving one’s sex drive.

When do hormones balance out after pregnancy?

Having a child is an enormous task for a woman body, and it is greatly affected on many levels during and after the birth.

Thus, there will be major effects on the endocrine messaging system in her body.

Depression, mood swings, increased appetite and weight gain, general aches and pains, and anxiety are all symptoms of postpartum depression after giving birth to a child.

For most women, the symptoms can carry on for about 6 weeks until the endocrine glands return to their normal patterns.

How long for hormones to balance after quitting alcohol?

Drinking alcohol has effects on nearly every system of the body, and the endocrine system is no exception.

While infrequent and low quantities of consumption do not have a great impact, regular and heavy consumption will affect one’s reproductive health (fertility), blood sugar levels, sleep/wake cycle, and bone density.

Fortunately, the endocrine system is able to recover relatively quickly because alcohol is rapidly detoxed from the body.

So only after a period of a week and up to 10 days does the endocrine system return to its normal pattern of functioning.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can take charge of balancing your endocrine system. Making an effort to find the right balance hormone information can drastically change your overall health and well-being, both physically and mentally.


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