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How to Balance Hormones

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The significant and necessary reasons to know how to balance hormones is crucial because a slight excess or reduction in secretions can be a precursor to disease.

Hormones are the essential substances secreted in the body to perform different functions. We are here to help get a handle.

What is a hormone?

They are liquid substances that act as messengers; they are secreted directly into the bloodstream later transferred into the organs, tissue, and sites of action. They are mostly synthesized from glands called endocrine lobes in the human body system.

These glands allow them to be secreted directly into the bloodstream; they are often ductless glands.

Some of the major endocrine glands that secrete them in the body are the pituitary gland, parathyroid, the amazing pineal gland, thymus, thyroid, hypothalamus, adrenal glands, pancreas, testes, and ovaries.

There are different types secreted in the body, different quantities, and they act on different sites and organs in the body. According to Sussana Cahalan, "Hormones have no respect."

We think of them as chemicals that make us down and moody, but these minute molecules do so much more. In most cases, hormones are secreted by a ductless gland in minute quantities, yet they affect significant changes at their sites of action.

Six common types: 


This hormone is only found in the female gender. It is regarded as the female sex hormone. It is secreted in the ovaries, carries many functions, and aids ovulation, menstruation, breast enlargement, and bone development. 


It is also found in the female reproductive system; it functions mainly to aid pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.


It is one of the essential hormones in the body. It is secreted in the pancreas but functions mainly in the liver. It helps convert excess glucose (sugar) from food to glycogen, stored for future purposes, resulting in blood sugar regulation. 


Also called the energy/steroid hormone, produced by the adrenal glands, keeps the body energetic regulates blood flow and metabolism.  


It is called the stress hormone, secreted by the adrenal glands. It activates the body to respond to "fight or flight" in dangerous or stressful situations.  


It is the male sex hormone that is produced in the male testicles. It is responsible for the regulation of [sex drive and erectile functioning]](/mushroom/cordyceps/benefits/).

Others include; Growth hormone (somatropin), Melatonin, and Thyroid Hormone. 


As stated earlier, the importance of hormones can never be underestimated in the body. Some of its primary functions include;

  • Aid food breakdown and metabolism

  • Boosts the body’s organs, tissue, and cells’ health by helping them grow and develop properly

  • Regulates feeling, thirst, hunger, body, and body temperature

  • Helps and also influences mood and cognitive processes

  • Helps in cell growth, regeneration, and metabolism

  • Sugar and blood regulation function

  • Aid reproduction and digestion of food

  • Helps and regulates sexual development, sexual drive, and reproduction 

How to balance your hormones

Too much or underproduction of any certain hormone in the body can pose a great risk to healthy living. Hormonal imbalance is a serious medical disease that needs to be highly avoided and treated to avoid escalation into disease.  

It may be caused by inappropriate functioning of certain glands or hormones, which may cause disease. The underproduction of Insulin hormone in the pancreas is the main cause of Diabetes happens after the sugar becomes accumulated in the liver.

Adequate Sleep

The deprivation of sleep is one factor that triggers a hormonal imbalance in the body. Adequate and quality sleep causes gland-producing hormones to work at their appropriate rate and aid transfer to their needed site of action.

When there are constant sleep derivations, the normal hormone balance and cycle are disrupted in the body. An important hormone called cortisol regulates sleep time, duration, and quality.

When there is too much accumulation of the substance, it becomes dangerous. After extensive research, Doctor Singh once stated, "If your body produces cortisol for longer, this means you are producing more energy than is needed."

Some like glucose and insulin secretion are also affected by the sleep-wake cycle.

Consumption of protein

Protein is one of the greatest food nutrients that can influence the body’s maintenance, aid, and regulation. Boosts the immunity of glands that secrete them.

According to scientists, adequate consumption of proteinous food helps control food appetite and intake. When the protein is broken down, it gives amino acids, strengthening organs/ductless glands that secrete other hormones like; estrogen, insulin, and thyroid hormone.

Protein decreases and regulates the level of a certain hormone called "hunger hormone, e" ghrelin, which functions mainly to cause or stimulate hunger in the body.

How to get hormones balanced

Regular exercising

Regular exercise and physical activities can be highly influenced by balancing.

Exercise essentially reduces and maintains insulin levels, aids its transfer, and increases sensitivity.

This allows the body cells to extract amino acids from the bloodstream and convert them to the energy that organs and tissues can use. Exercise also increases a chemical called dopamine (feel-good) in the brain, which alleviates stress and aids the smooth running of the body cells.

Lack of appropriate exercise causes hormone imbalance, leading to inflammation of the endocrine gland, diabetes insipidus, cancer, and increased susceptibility for heart diseases.

Avoid refined, processed, sugary junks and food

Refined and sugary foods are often discouraged because they wreak havoc in the body, not exempt hormones. Accumulation of sugar (glucose) and fat and oil found in refined foods disrupt normal secretion, leading to obesity, fear, and depression.

Reduce and manage stress

Stress is an inhibitor that degrades the normal functioning of the hormonal glands, tissues, and organs. Stress caused the increased production of two kinds; Cortisol and Adrenaline (epinephrine), which are needed in minute quantities.

These two hormones keep the body energetic and restless for a long period, and they are only needed during an emergency or dangerous situation.


They are an important chemical secreted in the endocrine/ductless gland in the body. There are many types, which are in different glands and also perform different functions, and also herbs are an option.

Knowing how to balance hormones is necessary for every living cell to ensure the smooth running of the production, secretion, and regulations and avoid susceptibility to diseases.


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