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Medicinal Foods Radio: Cathleen Miller – Intuitive Lifestyle Success

Podcast Rebroadcast: Sky Kubby Interviews Cathleen Miller

Intuitive Lifestyle Success

Are you ready to upgrade into a more intuitive,  healthier lifestyle?

Would you like more empowered confidence about every area of your life?

Do you want more clarity to improve your relationships and career success? 


Listen to the podcast or press play below.

Cathleen Miller is an author, intuitive practitioner, life coach, holistic medium energy coach, wellness expert guiding clients in law of attraction and conscious intuitive lifestyle success. As a born medium, she began an alternative life path from a very young age due to early health issues and gifted intuitive abilities from birth.

Today she combines her innate intuitive gifts with over 16+ years of professional alternative therapy training with top leaders in energy medicine. Born and raised in South Florida, Cathleen is passionate about nature conservation, healthy organic living and traveling to sacred sites across the globe. She creates and leads life transformational soul retreat programs in top conde nast resorts around the world.

Her company Intuitive Lifestyle Success inspires and guides clients into powerful tools for conscious intuitive life success, joyful empowerment and radiant wellness. Cathleen believes we are all here to enjoy life, live authentically and love what we are creating in each moment.

Products discussed on this show:

Cacao Elixir™

Living Greens Powder with Probiotics

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

Shaman’s Blend Raw Chocolate Bar

Education – Professional Therapy Training & Certifications

  • Certified Fitness Instructor 1988 Princeton Sports Medicine Florida State
  • Attended Parsons School of Design, NYC 89
  • Graduated Colorado Institute of Art, Denver Colorado Communication Design/FI Degree 1992
  • Certified Usui Reiki Mastership (2 yr 1:1 Master Program) Renuka Kumar MS 2000
  • Certfied Magnified Healing – Renuka Kumar/ Owner Core Radiance CT 2001
  • Angel Therapy Dr Doreen Virtue PHD, NYC – Attendee 2001
  • Certified Thought Field Therapy (level one) Dr. Barr-Groth 2002
  • Advanced Lightbody Training Sanaya Roman/Dr. Duane Packer PHD Orin and Daben 1999-2009
  • Advanced Ongoing advanced yrly intl. trainings thru 2014 Ashland OR
  • Sound Healer Training – Sound Healing Inst. Jonathan Goldman, Loveland, CO
  • Clearwater Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots leader – children’s environmental action group 2006
  • Matrix Energetics Practitioner Training (level 1 & 2) – Dr Bartlett CPND
  • Akashic Records Training – Gabrielle Orr – Tampa, FL 2009
  • S3 Healing Facilitator (Level 1/2 & Facilitator level 3) 2008-2009
  • Spiritual initiation Yogiraj Siddhanath Lightning kriya masters initiation 2009
  • Omega Institute – St John of God from Brazil retreat Rhinebeck, NY 2009
  • Graduate Lightbody mastery program Sanaya Roman Sept 2010-2011
  • Apprenticeship Year Training Cyndi Dale, Essential Energy MN Oct 2010-Oct 2011
  • Theta Brainwave DNA Practioner Certification Colorado Nov 2011
  • Advanced Theta DNA Practioner Certification San Fran CA Dec 2011
  • Manifesting & Abundance Theta Practitioner Certification CA
  • Certified Access Bars, Foundation & Level 1 Facilitator 2012
  • Advanced Body Process Trainings, Body patterns, Antibodies to Consciousness, Clearing Delay patterns, Trauma Release, Compensatory Drift Jan-Oct 2013
  • Advanced Lightbody w/ Daben & Duane Packer PHD cont. ed training 2014
  • Currently leading (and co-leading with other top Holistic Energy Medicine Experts) group seminar Holistic Soul Therapy Retreat programs ongoing US and internationally at top Conde Naste rated Holistic Spa Resorts including Florida, North Carolina, Hawaii, Sedona, Canada, and NE
  • Advanced CE Family Program Clearing 4 wk Trainings California July & Sept 2015
  • Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit & Quantum Leap Media Training 2015-2016
  • Advanced private quantum field energy medicine ongoing CE trainings 2015-2016 Bdreakthrough

Published Books & Audio Programs           Living the Spiral 30 day 4 week Audio Program 2016           Soul Success Cashflow 4 week Audio Program 2016

  • Self published Living Illumination – ‘Fire walking’ Sept 2008
  • Self published ‘The Lumerian Spectrum’ – Jan 2009 – attunement classes
  • Self-published Author & Teacher ‘Living the Spiral’ – 2007 copyright & US + TM & Holistic Medium TM programs

Additional Ventures

  • Internationally selling professional artist/designer – Specializing in high frequency vortex fine art adds healing light to any retreat or integrative medical environment. 
  • Shown fine art professionally in several states since 1992. Collectors in AZ, CO, FL, Paris, ME, KC.
  • Owner, creator of Intuitive Lifestyle Success Wellness, Life Coaching, Retreats & VIP Events   2007-present.
  • Vegetarian/Raw chef –intuitive eating coach, creating retreat menus – Spiral detox support classes
  • Holistic Medium TM Law of Attraciton Teleseminar Holistic Education live and audio programs 2012-present
  • Owner/Creator Holistic Medium TM Soul Success Cashflow Live Audio Series @ site
  • Soul INBody Yoga Holistic Medium TM Program Created & co-led with Shawna Eaker 2013
  • Holistic Globe Authority Forum Contributing Life Coach, Holistic Medium Expert 2015
  • Conscious Empowerment & Wellness Keynote Presenter WPB FL Holistic Globe Expo July 2015
  • LifeStyle Expert Healthy Tips, Life Coach, Wellness Blogger 2015
  • Your Relationship Expert Video Panel series with Helen Fisher & Melanie Gorman NYC 2015 
  • Nature Spirit Foundation: Protecting wildlife and natural eco-system land arboretums with public access trails, nature therapy, creating heirloom organic wild community gardens, off grid living and education programs to protect and regenerate balanced elemental systems everywhere. Conscious low impact earth living in harmony with nature. 
  • Intuitive Lifestyle Success supports & sponsors Compassion Intl Africa, WWF, Ocean Conservancy, Nature Conservancy, Audobon Society, ASPCA, CIHCS India, Heiffer Intl, KC Mission home & food shelters and other local non-profit programs.

“Since everything is literally spinning energy, as you change your spin… you change your life!” -Cathleen Miller



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