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Nootropics for Energy

As society goes deeper into the phases of digital industrialization, when our lives revolve more and more around technology, there are inescapable effects to the human body, but one solution is nootropics for energy which may help overcome these effects.

Unfortunately, most technological devices hit the market with little or no precaution towards the health effects.

It is only decades later that concerned scientists, activists, and other such health professionals sound the alarm, but by then it is oftentimes too little, too late and our bodies have already taken a toll, particularly our brains and mental space.

Brain health is one of the most overlooked yet critical areas of study in regards to the body’s reaction to powerful devices, and how the electromagnetic frequencies from these devices affect brain waves and induce “brain fog”, slower cognition, chronic fatigue, and burnout.

Since these reactions to technology are happening on a subtle level, and their onset is slower and therefore more difficult to perceive and diagnose, people will misattribute the sources, and simply say “I need more energy” and jump on the next health fad bandwagon.

For many of us whose work revolves around many hours in front of a computer, there is an inescapable need to counter-act the deterioration effects that technology can induce, particularly maintaining a balanced energy level. This means ingesting natural substances that provide a sustainable growth of mental clarity.

Best nootropics for energy

One solution are nootropics (from the Greek work ‘nóos” meaning mind and ‘tropé’ meaning a turning) which are substances that enhance brain activity in a variety of ways. Some improve overall energy, others are ideal for concentration and memory retention, and still others balance hormones and help with reducing anxiety or depression.

In general, an optimally functioning mind will have increased energy output as a natural side effect. With the world population in growing need to stay energized It should be no surprise that there are dozens of options of energy boosting drinks on the market.

From midtown Manhattan to the remotest of gas stations in rural backwaters, you can find them in many forms, from natural herbal remedies to laboratory creations.

As we examine some naturally occurring substances keep in mind that many synthetic laboratory alternatives to these substances exist.

So while the market may be saturated with buzz words claiming to provide powerful brain-energizes, keep in mind that the core ingredients found in herbs and wild in nature are the best for brain function remedies.


This naturally occurring substance is found in over 60 plants throughout the world, the most common being in green and black tea leaves, the coffee bean, cacao beans (which are used to make chocolate) and the kola nut, which is the base ingredient for carbonated cola beverages.

In fact, caffeine is the most consumed psychostimulant in the world. It functions by imitating a neurotransmitter called adenosine which is released by our body to signal to the nerve cells a sensation of drowsiness. As our brain is firing throughout the day, gradually more adenosine is produced and then attaching to the cells, inducing gradual tiredness.

Caffeine imitates adenosine and is able to attach to the adenosine specific receptors on the nerve cells, blocking the adenosine from being absorbed. Thus, the caffeine is preventing our body from naturally deducing how tired we actually are, which keeps a person awake and alert.

But the body does not stop producing adenosine even though there is an influx of caffeine. So when a caffeined beverage is no longer being ingested the caffeine is released off the neuro receptors. The adenosine has been waiting the entire time and then attaches to those same receptors and a wave of drowsiness comes over a person.

So while being able to temporarily lift the energy of a person, that sustained energy has the eventual negative side effect of inducing a crash of energy.

Caffeine also creates a neurochemical dependence, and anyone who has not had their morning caffeine has experienced the struggle to raise up to the same energy level as when they are drinking it. And several days without caffeine can induce withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue and moderate headaches.

So while being by far the most common nootropic in the world, caffeine should be taken in moderation for those seeking to perform at high energy levels in balanced fashion.

Drinking a caffeinated beverage directly from an herb will also give a more balanced energy boost, rather than artificial caffeine products that often add amounts far out of proportion to the serving size and result in bigger and more dramatic crashes and drowsiness.

Most energy drinks on the market today have either pure caffeine or its synthetic forms, oftentimes mixed with many other herbal ingredients that could provide a host of other brain-powering benefits.

But it is important to keep in mind that the reason for the boost in energy is usually the caffeine alone, and understanding this you can make responsible choices as to what “all-natural” energy boosting really means on a label, and what ingredient is usually causing it.

Rhodiola Rosea

This herb native of cold norther climates such as Russia, China, Alaska, and Scandinavia has been consumed for generations for its effects regulating cortisol and stress responses that are common in arctic conditions, as well as for concentration and sustainable energy boosting without a crash afterwards.

In frigid northern climates much energy is needed for working outdoors and the body and mind will have a quicker onset of fatigue than in a temperate climate.

Rhodiola is used as a natural herbal remedy because it greatly increases physical stamina and endurance by speeding up the flow of red blood cells which are carrying oxygen to muscles, keeping them active for longer.

The efficient movement of red blood cells will have the same effect in the brain, giving greater mental clarity and concentration, and has even been used in some locations in Tibet during meditative practices.

The best way to take Rhodiola is chopping the root into smaller pieces and steeping them in hot water for 30 minutes, or up to 3-4 hours, and then strain and serve as a tea.

Smart Cream with Lion’s Mane mushroom

This mushroom native of Asia has long white dangling spines that give it the unique look from where its name derives. Grinding it into a powder and serving as a tea is one of the most common methods to consume Lion’s Mane, although it can also be used as a spice or raw supplement.

One a cellular level Lion’s Mane has shown to support the regrowth of the myelin sheath of the axons in neural cells, essentially repairing and rebuilding one’s brain tissue.

This is a rare phenomenon, as many supplements can replenish the current brain cells, but not actually support the creation of new cells. This has major implications for elderly people suffering from Alzheimers and dementia, and has been shown to stop and even reverse these diseases.

In addition to repairing brain cells, Lion’s Main contains a host of proteins and lectins that regulate the production of energy in cells throughout our body.

With more efficient storing and expending of glycogen levels we experience the ability to expend more energy while not becoming fatigued as quickly.

So when searching for nootropics to help in relieving onsets of mental fog and fatigue, naturally occurring supplements and herbs give energy and enhanced brain activity as well as a host of other processes.

Nootropic energy drink

Energy drinks are often made from artificial versions of these chemicals found in nature and thus are isolated in providing positive health benefits that extend beyond the brain.

This is why herbal teas have a host of positive effects that occur throughout the body, while energy drinks give a quick boost, with either a crash later or mediocre overall results that keep you wanting for more.

Sustained, clear and subtle energy boosting through natural herbal teas and supplements is an excellent way to counteract the influence of an ever-saturated technological world, and going back to nature can start as simply as a morning cup of tea.


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