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Is a flat belly workout necessary?

Superfoods Make you beautiful Inside and Out! Get a Flat Belly

Is a flat belly workout necessary? One might wonder why it is so difficult to accomplish the dream of a stunning stomach and how to get there.

Unfortunately, getting the belly of your dreams can be difficult for many. In fact, the goal may be practically impossible for some. This happens due to the biological individuality of each person — some have an easier time losing or accumulating fat in certain parts of the body; and eating habits.

Even with training targeting this region and a proper diet, it is not possible to determine which part of the body will lose fat. This is because the weight loss process occurs in the body as a whole. However, there are tips to strengthen these muscles, which helps to eliminate the fat.

Why choose flat belly exercises?

To have impeccable abs, the first step is to start building muscle under the layer of fat through resistance training (weight lifting).

The exercises need to be focused on the hypertrophy of the muscles, on the improvement of the tone and on the reduction of sagging. But it doesn’t stop there: it’s no use having a well-fortified abdomen, but covered by a band of fat.

Therefore, the diet should be aimed at reducing body fat. That way, you start to see the musculature that has been hypertrophied. What you eat is the main factor in getting six packs. The phrase ‘abs are built in the kitchen’ is 100% true.

With simple exercises and a good diet, you can lose that annoying and insistent abdominal fat.

There are no rules for the body. Each one must feel good about what they believe to be the best for themselves. Many people have very specific body goals, such as reaching a certain weight, wearing a certain number of clothes, having a more muscular or more defined body.

However, this has to be your will, without external or social demands. It has to be something that you really want.

No one should offer miraculous things to achieve that goal, or dictate that you have a flat stomach. The important thing is your well-being and being aware that, to reach the goal you want, patience and discipline are important factors.

The process of losing abdominal fat is directly linked with food. You can exercise until you are exhausted, but if your diet is not up to date, unfortunately the effects will be minimized.

When we eat poorly or in excess, there is an accumulation in the form of fat in the body tissue. That is, your goal of reducing abdominal fat is hampered by poor diet.

It is important to look for a nutritionist to prepare an exclusive food plan for you, because what works for one person will not necessarily work for another, because we have to keep in mind the biochemical individuality, that is, checking food intolerance, allergies to certain foods, etc.

Exercise for a flat belly today!

And to boost weight loss, along with food, physical exercises are ideal allies. Even because, they promote a series of benefits for the body and mind, which go far beyond losing fat.

The best exercises are aerobic, as they require greater oxygenation and this helps in the weight loss process. You cannot lose fat mass in just one place, that is, our body cannot eliminate localized fat in a punctual way, weight loss is always global. So inevitably you will end up losing weight in other parts of the body as well.

Strength exercises are also important allies, due to the high caloric expenditure: weight training combined with the proper load is able to ‘dry’ the abdominal muscles. Another positive point about bodybuilding: as there is mass gain, it promotes a greater caloric loss in the long term, helping to lose weight.

Here are the five best exercises to lose belly fat:

  • squat

The squat is one of the most complete exercises, because it works legs, glutes and abdomen. The execution must be done correctly to avoid injuries and pain. You should keep your gaze straight ahead, avoiding looking down. The back should be straight throughout the entire performance. Contract your abdomen well, which helps prevent lower back pain and stabilizes your spine. Throw your glutes back and keep your feet parallel to your hips. Go down as if you were going to sit on a chair, taking care not to bend your spine or let your knees go beyond the line of your feet. Go down until your knees form a 90° angle, then go up again.

  • Side plank with twist

The side plank with twist is an isometric exercise that helps to greatly strengthen the muscles of the central region of our body. Lie on your stomach and support your forearms on the floor. Extend your legs and support them with the sides of your feet on the floor, leaving your abdomen slightly twisted. Raise your hips and hold in this position for 20 seconds. Then turn around and do the other side.

*Front plank

The front plank is also another isometric exercise. In this case it’s a little easier than the twisted side, but it also burns a lot! Support your elbows and forearms on the floor, face down, in the same direction as your shoulders. Align your toes with your elbows. Contract your abs and keep your spine straight. Try to hold this position for 30 seconds and rest. Repeat 3 times.

  • Jump squats

Combine the squat with the jump to have a greater caloric expenditure. The principle is the same for the squat part. However, when going up, jump on your own feet, with your arms raised in the air. Upon returning to the floor, repeat the squat movement. Do 12 to 15 repetitions.

  • Aerobics

Aerobics are an essential part of weight loss and cannot be missed when trying to lose belly fat. There is no shortage of options for all tastes: running, walking, swimming, spinning, pilates, wrestling, cycling, among many others. The important thing is that you find one that aligns with your tastes and that you can do comfortably.

It is important to always have a professional accompanying the exercises, whether to monitor the execution of activities, avoid injuries and accurately check the weight loss process. The scales will not always bring the results clearly. In this case, it is important to have some data on circumference and skinfolds, to specifically measure weight loss in the region.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

So, if you were wondering – ‘Is a flat belly workout necessary?’, now you know the answer. Get ready and start your workout routine now. Results may take time, but they will come as long as you commit to discipline and patience!


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