Try this flat belly tonic

There are many supplement options for losing weight in the abdominal area, and many companies will advertise that you “try this flat belly tonic” in order to quickly achieve a lean midsection.

A company will focus in on losing those extra pounds through powdered supplements that can be easily added to any beverage.

But what are the risks and benefits of adding these supplements to your dietary regimen?

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The first consideration is: will this supplement target a specific area of my body to lose weight?

Many people set out on a new diet with the hopes that their body will respond by trimming down in their exact way they imagine it, but our bodies do not burn fat in this way.

Many people who take supplement drinks to lose weight often wonder why they don’t immediately trim down in their desired areas, which is very often the fat around the stomach.

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Excess fat is stored either around our vital organs, called visceral fat, or underneath our skin, called subcutaneous fat. Shedding excess pounds does not guarantee that the targeted areas will be the first to go.

The reason we don’t lose weight in a specific area first is based on a variety of factors, most importantly one’s natural body type, bone structure, and genetics.

A person may have toxic visceral fat that the body needs to eliminate before the subcutaneous fat because visceral fat is more dangerous and a higher risk for degenerative disease to the organs it surrounds.

What about flat belly juice?

Many people will rush into all liquid diets, that are based on smoothies and fruit and vegetable juices.

But these are often short-lived because our bodies need a balanced approach. And more importantly, everyone has a body that functions and detoxes in a unique way.

And the first dividing line between body types and they way they burn fat is between and man’s body and a woman’s body.

So another important reason why subcutaneous fat in the midsection is not the first to go once a person starts a weight loss diet is because men’s and women’s bodies accrue and store fat in different ways.

Women’s bodies store fat around the thighs, buttocks, arms, and lower abdomen, while men’s is mostly contained in the upper body and especially around the stomach.

Women’s bodies also have a higher overall average percentage of body fat than men, which give women’s bodies gain and lose weight at a higher frequency than men.

So some people are able to shed 10 pounds seemingly overnight, and others struggle for weeks and can only take off 5.

These factors are important to remember when researching and committing to losing weight because many people easily become discouraged when their ideal results are not achieved as the advertisements describe.

So what are some key components in a dietary supplement that can help you lose weight around your midsection?

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First, most fat-burning concoctions focus on increasing one’s metabolism, which is the efficiency of the body’s ability to break down food and, most importantly, convert fats into energy.

Having a faster metabolism requires that the body is not being taxed by an overwhelming amount of toxins and antioxidants, which causes cells to break down prematurely and which slows down digestion.

The fight for a healthy digestive tract is where most of the battles for a higher metabolism take place.

Thus, having a healthy lower intestine fauna that can quickly and efficiently absorb nutrients is a critically important zone to focus on for the body’s digestion process to speed up.

Are there flat belly shakes too?

The many variety of weight loss supplements aimed at the abdominal region are very rich in vitamins and minerals, which are primarily absorbed in the small intestine.

These supplements are very delicious when enjoyed as chilled shakes to start the day or during mid-workout.

The nutrients in dietary supplements that can be added to juices and shakes will also help reduce inflammation in sensitive areas of our bodies.

This increases physical mobility, detox efficiency, and reduces the overall stress and maintenance needed to stabilize the inflamed areas.

One common ingredient in dietary supplements focused on reducing fat in the abdominal area is spinach. But why this leafy green vegetable?

Spinach is a natural superfood that contains robust amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

People who struggle with obesity are very often deficient vital minerals, and this short list of naturally occurring nutrients in spinach are some of the most important ones.

Another common ingredient is carrots because they stimulate the secretion of bile, which is the compound released by the liver that breaks down fats in the small intestine.

So a solid supplement for losing weight should have at least one of these two important ingredients.

Some flat belly tonic reviews:

It is important to read the labels of any supplement you are thinking about purchasing, because many weight loss brands will make far-flinging promises to get you to fork over that $30 - $50 for a tub of powder that could be mad up of, well, anything.

There are many mixed reviews online of each brand, and the official websites will rarely have anything but glowing guarantees about the speed and ease by which you’ll get a six-pack.

Not to mention the super-fit models that typically accompany the advertisements.

Checking sites such as Amazon for reviews should be a key step, but even reviews sites can have paid reviewers applauding the amount of weight they lost for doing nothing but ingesting the drink.

So other important steps to take when deciding between what supplement to choose are:

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  • How are the ingredients processed?

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    How many ingredients are included?

  • When were the ingredients produced and how long have the containers been stocked waiting to be sold?

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  • Has the product been approved by any regulatory organizations?

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These are important factors because the integrity of the vitamins and minerals can easily be compromised if the source foods are not fully organic and aren’t processed with care.

Also, the longer an ingredient sits on a shelf or in a container the lesser the effects will be, in general.

So while there are many options on the market today imploring you to “Try this Flat Belly Shake”, due diligence is needed to assess the quality, as well having a balanced perspective on its potential benefits for your specific body.