Recommendations for a flat belly diet

Online there are many recommendations for a flat belly diet that target weight loss in this incredibly important and conspicuous are of our body.

And it is no mystery that having a lean, muscular midsection is one of the most sought after benefits of going on a diet, not only because it is attractive for ourselves and others but it is ground-zero for all of the body’s most important functioning.

The rise in obesity over the past half-century is testament to the fact that the abdominal area may be one of the most critical places to begin focusing on building a holistically healthy lifestyle.

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An obese or growingly obese midsection is one of the first indicators that a person is at a risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, some of the most long-term and dangerous health conditions.

Not only do both men and women store fat around the abdomen, but it is also the home to most of our vital organs. A weight loss regimen is not only about losing pounds, but they should aim at building a healthier core to maximize the body’s efficiency at keeping the weight off.

Our bodies also store fat around organ tissue, so not only does obesity affect the fat just under our skin, but it also builds up around the organs and can cause them to function at levels far less than optimal.

So taking on a diet that targets losing weight around the stomach will have extra benefit by gradually taking stress off the vital organs by burning the fat that surrounds them.

Best flat belly foods

Although there are many companies that advertise this weight-loss regimen in a very specific manner, it can be personalized to fit each person’s general food preferences.

In fact, the guidelines can be followed and it won’t even seem like you are dieting because the key is to build a long-term habit of eating certain foods and not jump on and off the diet wagon.

The core principles are:

Remove saturated fats

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It should be fairly obvious that on a fat burning/flat-belly/ diet we should be reducing the amount of fat intake, in particular saturated fats (because there are other “good” fats to indulge on which we’ll talk about next).

Cutting out saturated fats is easier said than done, because store-bought foods can have hidden saturated fats laced into the recipes. Also, eating fried foods, especially in restaurants, are another source of cheap and unhealthy fats that weigh us down.

The problem is that that body is unable to efficiently process these types of fats, and since they take more energy to break down the body ends up storing much of it in our guts, and boating and weight gain are the result.

Maximize polyunsaturated fats (omega-3s)

Not all fats are exactly the same. In fact, polyunsaturated fats, also called omega-3 fatty acids, are very important for the body to have a reliable and powerful energy source.

Omega-3s are found in many foods, such as avocados, olive oil, some types of nuts such as walnuts, and certain types of wild caught fish such as salmon.

When they are eaten the body does not need to break these fats down as extensively as saturated fats, and then can be readily used as an energy source for the body.

Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens

Burning off excess fat is a process, and the first place to start is by cleansing out toxins and impurities that are already present in our bodies, especially our large and small intestines.

Fruits and vegetables that are 100% organic and pesticide free are nature’s source for critical vitamins and minerals that restore and maintain the body’s ability to run smoothly and keep a stable immune system to fight off disease.

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People who struggle with obesity are sure to have small and large intestines that have been been built up, over time, with inorganic and undigestible compounds that are all too common on the food market today.

For the digestive tract to work properly - and thus, to be able to process and burn fats efficiently - a person needs to regularly cleanse the digestive tract.

Eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables are a key part of this process, which will ensure not only the increasing the amount of critical vitamins and minerals but ensure the body is able to efficiently absorb vitamins and minerals from other food sources.

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Get plenty of lean proteins

An important part of trimming down is cutting down on calories. Eating select sources of protein will simultaneously satisfy hunger while eating fewer calories.

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An excellent place to start is enjoying a breakfast of whole organic eggs. Because they are so high in protein they help jumps start one’s day without having to eat an abundance of calories or carbs.

There's a flat belly detox water?

Our bodies always need plenty of water, and one important feature of this program is drinking water in a way that can be more tasty and nutritious.

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Grinding up ginger into a glass, muddling in mint leaves, and adding round slices of cucumber to a glass of water is not only delicious but helps to detoxify the gastrointestinal tract while hydrating it at the same time.

The serving size is two liters per day, and is an excellent habit that will improve the body’s ability to function holistically because being dehydrated is a catalyst that affects every other bodily process.

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A list of flat belly diets

An important point to consider with weight loss plans targeting the abdomen is that there is no “magic bullet” formula to lose weight.

Everyone has a unique body type, bone structure and genetics that all play important factors in how our bodies look and function on a basic level, but also in what areas fat is stored and how readily one needs to work to burn it off.

This is important to mention because oftentimes people begin diets and quit within a couple weeks because they are not seeing the results they imagined. It takes consistent time and effort over the long run to take off excess weight and, most importantly, to keep it off.

One of the most popular and well-rounded diets that does not promise a magic fix to obesity issues is the keto diet.

Keto focuses on removing carbs so that they body is forced to burn excess fat, instead of the carbs, for energy. When the body burns off excess fat this is called “ketosis”.

The keto diet has been proven to function for most if not all body types, and integrates well with the desire to slim down specifically in the midsection.

There are many recommendations for a flat belly diet that are patented by brands that claim to be the originators of the concept. But the important takeaway is that there is no single formula that works 100% of the time, and practical and gradual integration into your daily lifestyle is the most tried and true way towards a slimmer and more attractive waistline.