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Keto Friendly Smoothies

Keto Superfood Smoothies

The consumption of keto Friendly smoothies can be all you need to add to your diet and achieve a balanced ketogenic diet.

Keto is the short form of ketogenic, simply a diet with high fat (containing only edible/un-harmful fat), adequate protein, and low-carbohydrate (carb) level.

This type of diet influences a drastic reduction in the level or amount of carbohydrates consumed, therefore replacing with high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

This instigates a process called ketosis in the human body system.

This causes an increase in the ability of the body to burn or convert fat to energy.

The fats may be converted to ketones in the liver, which can supply energy for the brain.

The importance of it food or diets can never be undermined.

They trigger many significant functions in the body, including reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels, epilepsy and autism in children, cures acne, improves heart health, protects brain function, and reduces the risk for certain cancers.

They are among the most recommended and trending superfoods sought after for their function.

They are regarded for their function and the recipes produced, including portable, processible beverages loaded with veggies and fruit.

They are easy to prepare yourself using some recipes that will be explained later.

However, you may have questions about why emphasis is being made on the keto-type of smoothies.

There are many types of these brands out there.

Automatically, if you aren’t consuming a ketogenic-type, you are on a super-carb diet, high in LDL (Low-Density Cholestero) fat and encourage the accumulation of carbohydrates.

Why you should you opt for it

  • Improves or reduces the occurrence and inflammation of acne
  • It reduces the risk of susceptibility to certain types of cancers
  • Improve heart health and reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Aid brain function and other cognitive processes
  • Potentially reduces seizures
  • Improves PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), a hormonal disorder in women
  • Reduced blood pressure and triglyceride levels

Keto-friendly smoothie recipes

As earlier, the production of this superfood is straightforward.

You have to go to groceries, supermarkets if you have your ingredients available.

Creating this drink or milk with low carb, high fat, refreshing, sweetened, and organic taste free of artificial sweeteners or sugars will activate ketosis in your body.

Check out the following recipes and craft it using your natural ingredients.

MCT Oil or Coconut Oil

In a layman’s language, MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides, or medium-chain fatty acids), commonly referred to as coconut oil, is one of the most highly researched and advisable sources of saturated fat (high-density fat) that is loaded with lots of medical and health benefits to the body system.

Coconut oil helps with ketone production (ketosis), and it is easily digestible, burning/concerning fats into energy to be used by the body instantly for metabolic process.

Coconut oil is often used because of the large presence of medium-chain fatty acid that serves a lot of benefit and function, making it an excellent and simple option to add to your homemade smoothies.

Getting coconut oil can be very stressful, extracting it from the kernel of matured coconuts harvested from its palm.

Some brands sell isolated MCT oils, which have a high concentration of fats in a smaller volume to ease your stress.

This oil is colorless, odorless, and liquid at room temperature.

It can accurately or conveniently fill into your tea or coffee to trigger a boost of dietary fat.

It is often regarded as perfection to them.

Pea Butter and Avocado

The combination of peanut butter and avocado in it may sound weird, but trust me, they are the best and most nutritious you will always wish to have.

The duo will leave your stomach full for hours without carbs, calories, or sugar.

The combination of it is one of the most delicious and creamy superfoods.

Avocado creates a form of super creamy texture, like a milkshake.

It is very mild compared to other recipes used for different smoothies.

Adding a little liquid milk is often recommended if you don’t like taking thick/solid ones.

However, if you prefer taking solid/hard ones, you can decide to freeze them.

Often, almond milk or unsweetened vanilla milk is the best option to get the best out of it.

Other sweetening can also be added, but the choice is yours, but non-sweetening, organic sweetening is advisable.

Creamy Vanilla Bean

This is a well-packed protein recipe with a glint of sweetness for your superfoods.

It requires adding other ingredients like milk of your choice, protein powder, banana, and almond butter.

It is very simple with beautiful fragrant, perfect for your morning or evening snack.

Beware, it’s sweet and addictive!

Keto-friendly green smoothie

There are different types of it based on the function and the component type used in their production. They include;

  • Green smoothie
  • Protein smoothie

The green type is the most commonly consumed.

The best type medically for you is the green one.

It typically consists of 40–50% (a large percentage) of green vegetables, mostly raw green leafy vegetables.

These vegetables include spinach, kale, wheatgrass, spirulina swiss chard, collard greens, celery, parsley, broccoli, other organic veggies, and fruits.

All of the vegetables mentioned above and the ingredients are healthy for the body.

When served raw, all these green leafy vegetables may have a bitter flavor, but they become less bitter when properly processed, ground, and facilitated with fruits and other sweetening.

These fruits help to mainly soften both the flavor, bitterness, and texture of the leafy vegetable.

More so, a small amount or quantity of fruit ingredients and green vegetables both juiced produce a well-blended smoothie.


As emphasized earlier, its benefits can never be undermined. 
It offers a whole lot of nutritious advantages to the human body system. 
It is a snack you can feast on early in the morning or after having a stressful/tedious day. 
However, you have to be careful and consider many factors when consuming it. 
The type, the ingredients used in the making, and some other factors. 
As stated earlier, there are two types; green and protein
You are to choose the type you want. 
The green type is mainly advised because it is organic, made from natural, green, leafy vegetables and fruits
This is more beneficial to people looking to reduce their weight, suffering from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure level, hormonal dysfunction, cognitive aid process, epilepsy, and autism in children, reducing the risk for certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. 
Get your keto-friendly smoothie now, and keep basking in your full health and wealth.


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