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Gluten Cleanse? Or Gluten-free? Eat Wheat says Dr. John Douillard

A gluten cleanse, or actually a gallbladder cleansing, may help you to eat wehat. Dr. John Douillard DC CAP is a globally recognized leader in the fields of natural health, Ayurveda, and sports medicine.

He is the creator of LifeSpa.com, the leading Ayurvedic health and wellness resource on the web with over 5 million views on YouTube.

Gluten and gallbladder cleanse and then…

You can eat Eat Wheat!

First Eat Liver and Gallbladder cleansing foods.

Dr. John Douillard, Best-selling Author of Eat Wheat

John’s best-selling book, Eat Wheat suggests that the popular grain brain phenomenon is not the whole picture. For healthy living and enjoyable eating, we need to get at the real issue, we have to turn our attention to the lymphatic and digestive systems.
Decongest the lymphatic system by eating Liver and Gallbladder cleansing foods to reboot digestive strength. Then shift our food focus away from simple sugars to good, healthy fats, along with foods in their whole natural state.

LifeSpa.com is evolving the way Ayurveda is understood around the world, with over 800 articles and videos proving ancient wisdom with modern science.

Dr. John is the former Director of Player Development and nutrition expert for the New Jersey Nets NBA team, bestselling author of 7 health books including his newest Eat Wheat, a repeat guest on the Dr. Oz show, and featured in USA Today, LA Times, and dozens of other national publications.

Practicing for over 30 years and has seen over 100,000 patients. Dr. John directs LifeSpa, the 2013 Holistic Wellness Center of the year in Boulder, CO. ### Here are some Gluten and Dairy Industry Statistics:

  1. The gluten-free industry is estimated to be worth $16 billion as of 2017.
  2. The dairy alternatives market was worth $2.09 billion in 2015.
  3. Over 100 million Americans eat gluten-free products.
  4. Gluten-free foods are 242% more expensive than their counterparts.

Learn much more facts & myths of gluten by listening to this Medicinal Foods Radio Show!

John Douillard, Eat Wheat, breaks down these health and body topics:

  • The inspiration behind his new book Eat Wheat?
  • A tea that increases bile and the ability to digest protein by 4X!
  • Is it possible to have a gluten allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance even if you don’t have Celiac?
  • How to stoke the digestive fire.
  • What is brain fog and its relation to food sensitivity?
  • The perfect Liver/Gallbladder juice and veggies for Liver Flushing and Gallbladder Cleansing
  • How to “repair the damage” in his patients struggling with digestive distress?
  • Ayurvedic meals to heal digestion
  • Insight to paleo diet and gluten free diet.
  • and so much more!

Listen to the Eat Wheat interview!

Read full transcript:

And I’m Sky welcome to medicinal foods radio and the cutting edge of health and wellness for our mind body and spirit for today’s show we’re going to talk to an incredible Are you Vedic doctor and old teacher of mine Dr John on his new book eat wheat and the importance of digestive health I’m honored to be a part of the United we strike family riding the air waves with our other great host from Switzerland the U.K. Ireland Chile and New Zealand has founded medicinal foods sharing the ancient future of food and started the show to help people take back their power and claim their sovereignty when it comes to health and wellness by studying the ancient are evading

Native American and Chinese herbal wisdom incorporating aspects of Siberian superfoods paleo as well as raw foods cleansing practices and more. Most of all just taking a non dogmatic approach to health and healed my own chronic illness and I love to empower people to do the same Take a look at the products over a medicinal Dasha food stock you’ll discover decadent raw chocolate nutrient dense super foods tonic or herbs medicinal mushrooms living greens better than coffee and a whole lot more grab my free gifts they’re the kick out revitalizing cleanse where we make cleansing fun by replacing a meal a day with ARC a calorie lexer and chia seeds which make a great colon cleanse or decreasing the amount of food you’re consuming helping you lose weight and leads the way to deeper healthier cleansing your last look at my other freebies there the power of tonic herbs Cavity Healing protocol and my pineal awakening protocol at medicinal dash foods.com.

My guest today is Dr John two yard globally recognized leader in the field of natural health are you data and Sports Medicine has been practicing for thirty years and seen over one hundred thousand patients through his groundbreaking work each week John has helped thousands of people to eat this forbidding food once again getting to the root of their illness rather than the symptoms I met John at a pulse diagnostic workshop in Massachusetts in one thousand nine hundred two and I learned to tell my mind body type or my dough show as well as how my system was awful how it needed to be balanced I even learned how to tell it to advance it was going to get sick and then studied invincible athletics with

Dr John Walsh ski racing at University of Colorado Boulder being a triathlete early in his life John was always getting sick on the weekends when his body when he didn’t need to be on and. Perform and he learned from our doctor who basically took one look at him and. I don’t doubt that he was killing himself and he learned how to be a balance during the Vince Vaughn athletics course I learned how to call my heart rate my parasympathetic breathing rate and heart rate and so I could just fly up the mountain whether it was riding a bike or running while I was training so I love how John ground has practiced in the science of our Veda and the most ancient form of health or the study of knowledge of health and he directs life spa and is to a two thousand and thirteen wellness center of the year in Boulder Colorado so as well as life spa dot com is the leading are evaded health and wellness resource on the Web

there’s over five million views on You Tube life spa is evolving the way our evade is understood around the world and there’s over eight hundred articles and videos there combining ancient wisdom and modern science Dr Johns a former director of player development and nutrition expert for the New Jersey Nets and be a bestselling author of seven the health books including what we’re about to talk about today eat wheat a repeat yes on the Dr Oz Show and featured in USA Today L.A. Times and dozens of other national publications

Dr John welcome to the show. Good to be here Sky good to talk to you again yeah it’s so great it reconnected after all these years it’s been a long time.

And I’m really excited to drop in on your latest book eat wheat I’m sure a lot of people listening are excited as well so many people have abandoned we who love it just to switch to these gluten free alternatives alternatives like you know processed G.M.O. potato flour. Fillers it seems to be defeating the intention of eating healthy in the first place and it just seems like we’ve gone so far from what our aunts.

Mr Z. for thousands of years. Is this imbalance and your knowledge of digestive health what inspired you to write the book Eat. Well I think what inspired me was that I was sort of watching the gluten free craze to gain more and more momentum and as you know we do our lives by the commissary enshrined principles and proven with modern science and the science shows in an overwhelming sense that movement is actually and we did actually quite a helping brain now and take that granted process to it like any process but it’s going to be bad for you so so when people say weed is bad we’re really talking about process to me there’s no science to show that whole wheat is actually bad in fact and science shows that a whole we actually reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by fifty three percent in one study with a Mediterranean diet it can quarter percent another study with a minute diet which is three servings of a whole wheat or whole grain per day and shows in study after study after study that whole wheat lowers the risk of Type two diabetes and it also cruise cognitive function and and all these things that we’re being told that we just kind of the squares in this grain were sort of just a simplistic approach and say hey people feel bad when they weed so we must be bad well

I agree people kill bad when they we but but that’s what we do so well in the West as we just say the symptoms you know he said eradicate the symptoms and allow you to move on as if everything’s been taken care of but taking the wheat out of your diet doesn’t solve a problem just makes it harder they just moved out of the diet but there’s a reason why you were not able to digest the heart of the just food and now this what I what I was sort of and I think the major thing was that this is now a sixteen billion dollar a year gluten free industry so there’s just no way that those marketing dollars are not that being the decisions that we make. In the grocery store somehow soda when only thinking that a gluten free is somehow healthier then a whole wheat non-processed version of wheat it was even more amazing is the is recently in the last three or five months there and then. A growing body of evidence so many studies suggesting that that being on include and re diet it could be very dangerous for you and I get if you’re good if you’re silly act for sure then you don’t want to invest one percent of the population we have who are sixteen million people who are gluten free because they think it’s healthier and the studies show that a study occurs a couple of quick studies study came out about three weeks ago with almost two hundred thousand people over about a quarter of a century twenty five years watching them measuring every four years checking how much you know their crews and what they and the group that ate the most gluten had a significant reduction of type two diabetes risk and the people who ate the least amount of words that people have low gluten have more diabetes risk a study that came out just two days ago was the same kind of type kind of long time observational study over twenty five or thirty years over two hundred thousand people measure that the people who actually ate the most gluten had a new lower stress of heart disease and people ate the least amount of fluid and had the lowest risk.

Of heart disease so when people are eating gluten. It actually lowers their risk of heart disease and diabetes and then some other things to scare people a little bit is another say to people who are silly. And had not start of the gluten free diet and people who are still yack who are on a gluten free diet already know people who are not so they eating wheat regularly but people were eating wheat regularly who were so I could not start of the wouldn’t three diet had four times less mercury in their blood. And the people who are silly like and on a diet when another study with healthy people they found they found that people who were eating wheat on a regular basis compared We were gluten free people reading we had more good bugs and less bad bugs in their gut and were gluten free and then worse study to come to people who are actually eating wheat has significantly more killer T. cells to measure their immunity and people who are gluten pre all of which suggests that these foods that are harder to buy just like wheat and grains and thus mistakes all of which have entered a new trance on them and I mean going back say we’ve been eating we now they found in the teeth of ancient You missed three and a half million years ago when we didn’t start hunting our own food until five hundred thousand years ago our own meat Rather told five hundred thousand years and so it’s safe to say we’ve got a two million more years of genetics eating wheat bend meat which is surprising to most people but that’s the facts so we have a lot of genetics for that and say nutrients on grains are actually act as immune stimulants for the intestinal skin and for the gut and unity of fire up and power of our immune system I know you use of it.

Right you know we did this with the beach when we killed all the bugs in like our plan our plan if I could anti-bacterial soap and anti-bacterial everything and aerobatics in an box and we killed all the bugs we now know that was a really bad idea the Western people have a very lacking diverse weeks micro biome which supports immunity and then also it supports stay jests of strength so that has weakened our ability to digest and they are hard to digest become more difficult to break down so we blame it on the mood and those moods which we’ve been in our diet for millions of years we have genetics we have microbes in our mouth a stock of some extent all our intestines to see. We designed it engineer to make enzymes to break down gluten gluten not just everything but just gluten specifically engineer press to do that so well we just take that out of our diet I can go big you know I can eat we’ve always going to be a problem we’re marching down you know a road that we haven’t marched down for millions and millions of years and it’s dangerous and similarly when we took questions out of our day in one nine hundred sixty S.

that I was cause of heart disease and all that we didn’t have anything to do with margin and then they replaced the question all the animal saturated as with. Some like that and they could replace it with omega six fatty acids which they’d Leeson deodorize so they would be more stable and they’re being preserved lives in every package put in the plan of the last sixty years every low progress the same squish on a shelf for a month this guys he’s essential he’s a player saturated fatty acids which are basically and digestible no microbe on the planet wants to touch it which is why your bread never goes bad and now so I’ve been eating for the last sixty years which literally isn’t linked to the breakdown of our digestive system obesity diabetes and depression and that was a sort of a little bit of a mistake but and here we go again because of the same mistake we can’t digest anything in our saying don’t we which is like wait a minute are you really sure that we know what we’re doing this time around because we didn’t know last time. You talk about questioning authority and thinking for yourself

I mean we’ve got the pharmaceutical industry telling people to cut our cholesterol because they’re going to have heart disease when and when you link that. That action you know not to take a deep depleting class or on your diet with a stack of drugs then people are getting a massive increase of Alzheimer’s so I’m glad you mentioned that part cholesterol I mean cholesterol is so important for mind when she. In our nerve impulses but. That’s another story our family has been shying away from gluten free alternatives for a while when the ones that have a ton of ingredients and we try to stay focused on the simple want to greedy you know rye or rice breads for example is a gluten free alternative however when we visited Ecuador and Peru we ate more we and cheese for that matter than we do here in Hawaii and in California and our sinuses were more clear than ever before we had felt healthier than ever is this mainly due to the fact that we are eating this non hybridized we can explain to the listeners how they can find the right type of wheat.

Well yeah it was really great point first of all there’s a lot of mis understanding that what we were reading today is somehow different than the wheat there were one hundred years ago and there was an one thousand year study done at the university is to scout and they measured about one hundred different strains of modern read one hundred strains of ancient way and really no genetic their concerns whatsoever so the study that Dr Davis used in the week. He said Well that was genetically you know all cheery and quite different well in the study that he use he measured ancient grains and modern grains and when they were looking for a grain that were a low immune responder is clear we’re trying to hybridize new wheat that had a low immune response didn’t trigger an immune response and they found that the angel

Greens had more low responders than the modern grants which is kind of cool but they didn’t mention and he didn’t mention in his book that they mention grains in the monograms had the exact same number of I responded which is why. We want to avoid rape but when the grain the strains of wheat and have high immune response because more information and more reactivity in your gut those high responders the Asian greens had the exact same number as the modern ground so they didn’t say that he kind of you didn’t read the entire study or I don’t know what happened but I was sort of left out but if people think that they were way less you know there are way more lower responders lower me responders in the Asian Games there are better but that’s not what we’re looking forward to looking for a lower responders nice that they’re lower responders we’re looking for the ones that the hyper spot is what’s called the admin reaction so it’s sort of interesting our the research has been interpreted in a way to make a case that isn’t really accurate the reality is the week is the same it’s the process nature of the week the lacking of the whole grains you know you know where separating the wheat from the bran and the German and not having the oils in it and not having it be organic and things like that or a lot of people

I just wrote an article about this in my life site about why you go to Europe and they say either way there and it’s fine must be much better well the reality is that the wheat there is not processed you’re not eating bread that has been cooked in a big back story factory that takes two hours to bake and last on the shelf for a month you’re eating bread that takes three days to bake and lasts and lasts the Nischelle for a day and then as hard as rock. There’s no cooked oils in it there’s no preservatives in it there’s no one ingredient in it whatsoever to eating bread that was made really rash and now it’s bad and you know depending on the strain you had in Peru you may have had a different strain that was a natural low responder to it so it’s no different strains are different and oftentimes when you go and you eat fruits from a different part of the world your immune system doesn’t know those yet so they’re not their body hasn’t created an overused type situation yet so they can.

Little bit there probably you don’t begin to have problems with that you know right away and let’s say appeared I just assume a super hyper sensitive to weed out here and then also while you’re on vacation the other factor which is sort of no one ever talks about which is when you’re on vacation they relax and they’re sitting down and they’re dining when their own are stressed out the out to go to work and that my salary completely weird for people but the reality is is that you’re not I or Vedic medicine how you eat your food is probably weight is way more important and what you eat and when you eat it but we don’t think about that at all by taking time to sit down to relax your meal activates the what’s called the parasympathetic nervous system which grew literally controls the digestive process if you’re stressed out on the run go go go go go go you have a school the quieter quite response in the resistant wrist predominating your system which literally turns off your digestion if a bear was chasing you you’re not thinking about ordering pizza when things are getting up between saving your life it’s a huge point your where your mind is that and your your stress levels it’s it’s everything almost everything when it comes to health I notice that people.

With their emotions in their mind it’s so important as well as you know when we’re in Ecuador and Peru we were hiking thirteen fourteen thousand foot mountains and a huge part of it is exercise too if you’re a writer lead an active lifestyle your digestion is going to be a whole lot more on and. So you know we’ve heard it before of the cure prevention is healthy digestion. Food combining has got to play a part here I mean if you’re eating starches and protein starches have to wait to get past the stomach to the lower intestine before they can start digesting if you don’t chew your food properly you know invents it in that. Space and you know you can do experiments under sofa and see how your how it goes in matches how it goes out but you don’t have the digestive fire in your stomach to break down the protein if you don’t have that then you’ll end up with digested starch or digested protein causing gas and smelly gas and all that so I’m wondering what your thoughts are on.

You know eating about eating raw food first as far as. Cooked food there’s been studies showing that it can have your Taishan in you created an inflammatory response but. If you eat the raw food First it shows the inflammation has there that it doesn’t happen inflammatory response so. I’m wondering if Interesting yeah. Yeah interesting about never and it’s not about this there’s a studies on both sides that I’ll her sure you get my studies that show that. You know it doesn’t deliver certain nutrients like Rockley for example the car with three carbon all going to all carbon all what you’re going to cancer causing. They actually I believe they’re the ones that are released when you eat raw. The sold her cancer causing salt what compounds and broccoli are only really squirting approach so that when you look at the details there who dislike some like to be croak some don’t like it because it seems to be very very interesting bottom line is that when you don’t digest your well and under I just goes into from your stomach into your small intestine let’s say a week for example or gluten for example or the murder rate from the or from the coal mine

Quilmes that are on every organic vegetable that require you to digest well if they go through the stomach on digest that which is super common then they will be too big a molecule to enter into the stream and what they do is they. Taken into what I think of your lymphatic system and when the lymphatic system gets congested that’s what makes you wrote bass which makes you gives you a crude coma where you feel exhausted after the meal because your lymphatic system is doing three things is trying to take Astrid closer I’ve asked so you really and deliver them as the energy to every cell of your body and if your body is trying to deliver the good bass but the road is blocked by a lot of on digestive proteins and bad toxic gas in the road gets the body stores the good ass around your belly as belly fat as a holding pattern for energy down the road that same one that exists a mistrial to be toxic by you and it’s also trying to carry your immune system and recently they discovered that there are brain lymphatics bad they didn’t even know existed until its readers to go that drained the repack toxic chemicals and plaque out of your brain lymphatics every single year while you sleep at night when the limbs around your belly get congested then the skin limp can get congested can get rashes the grain limp can get congestion you get brain fog and a lot of the sort of brain drain of facts that Dr Baker Cromer wrote about his book grain brain

I debated David Cromartie go my website and I was like spot on COMMENT AND WE Book dot com and watch that debate where we went back and forth on the science and and David said the very end said John’s right I choose to take wheat out of the diet John chooses to sort of help people digest it and have a stronger digestive system it’s simple it’s a good way to diet but I’m icon’s My contention is that you know one taking the wheat out of that doesn’t really solve the problem for some or the organic vegetables there’s toxins in your environment or that are getting into your blood in your path to your brain that are going to cause problems down the road so we just say can we eat out maybe you know short term symptomatic relief of long term or real real problem so the fundamental issue is that that when the limb that exists and get sick and yes there that causes the food intolerances now. Hypersensitivity is on the way in the blower and all the symptoms that we see with regard to wheat so instead of taking weed out of the diet because there’s other things that you’re not aware of that are doing the exact same thing why not healing their Perrier intestinal skin so it’s a better protective lining for you improve your digestion strength by beating up your bile flow from the congested process whose have been eating for all these years turned back your stomach virus back on you how to do that need to eat with a Whole Foods and herbs to do it national and they take you through a troubleshooting process so you know exactly what part of your digest system has been broken down we can manipulate abided by food combining discovers the best person down first but historically ancient humans have the answer special diet they really didn’t do that I mean Rice taking rice and beans out of a diet and it’s really now question whether she learns are here today because it was such a staple for the population for so many thousands of years in follow me and even when we weed out of the diet we’re talking about when they did this study the universe of Utah and Asia and we found that ancient humans three have to call million years ago to gather enough wheat berries in one in two hours that beat them for an entire day and take it right it make a mush out of a need it and the entire continent of Africa don’t forget was covered with grass barley and wheat so it was a lot easier to just sit in some tall grass she wants a wheat berries and some barley berries and try and you know kill a lion or something they didn’t even have they didn’t have those skills for another two million years so what the hell did we eat for two million years of who started hunting you know and when they didn’t all calls me with this for two right so right so to speak with the whole continent was weak berries you think maybe we ate them well studies now actually found the gluten in the teeth of ancient us it’s so surprising thing that we had this this even this scientific kind of a version instead of letting the selling.

Well that we actually a Granger for a long time we created about one to two million years ago the human body or the ancient human body created a gene to make its own animal race about one to two million years ago amylase is an enzyme specifically engineer for start and wheat a deficiency in the amylase enzyme is linked to Baker’s asthma that certain people don’t make enough AM waste they can handle or even be around a week so we created a gene specifically to make I am a lace Why do you think we did that because we thought we might someday eat so we eat or eat some starch you know because we ate a ton of it and it was a genetic at that nation to a diet that was available to us and we got into that environment which was a entire continent well of wheat barriers basically hard to ignore you know that that in the debate spot dot com between the two of you eat wheat and green brain is a dynamite. To believe that I suggest everyone to go to Life spot and check that out because it says a lot now gluten our G. is the real thing however what we’re talking about here is the digestive imbalance can be disguised as a gluten intolerance right and like that’s Is it possible to have a good analogy even if you don’t have celiac. Well no question that that is an auto immune condition and that I mean I think you know interestingly is that sourdough bread three days has been rendered so nonexistent that it rendered the bread gluten free they gave it to people with celiac and had no problem eating sourdough bread believe it or not that it suggests he was. Sourdough bread they should stop eating wheat but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t strengthen their digestive system because there was a weakness as. Set him up for that genetic expression in the first wives people who are who are hard gluten sensitive which is a lot of people he clued in they are gaining weight they get that they feel bloated in a brain fog they have rashes they have real issues and then we go to troubleshoot why that is in the first place to look at always has the gall bladder and the let her go up the liver make speil Biles like a path man gobbling up toxins and chemicals and exercise out of your liver and into your and your intention of stopping parasites in your attention I clean although I have a limp and actions are all nice and clean but if your liver got congested because of bunch of process those chemicals in your in your diet and all that a non digest undigestible fatty acids that they put as preserves in our food the number one surgery today abdominal surgery today the act of it all surgery is it is gallbladder surgery and I think we are having the open and they hope it is the same angle but my own that really does help you does A We always think by I’ll pass well bio is also a blocker for the stomach acid which you need to break down the empty nutrients on grains like wheat heart of just proteins and dairy and that’s the seeds and things like that so so if you don’t have a really good bio you get nauseous or bloated or brain fog or you’re tired we need ride food not that that’s good for you but it’s I’m sure a good test for a strong liver and struggle about it or think you can do that then you’re not having enough it’s a buck for the acid and if some is going to go hey I just ate a ham sandwich I need four ounces of bio and this is a message to the liver and I need some bio liver goes well we’re a little congested out here sorry she’s constipated and the toxins are in my liver now and I’m a little bit congested so to some extent

OK well I’ll just wait now hold on all this food until you guys get the bottle thing together turn the green light on when you’re ready and or scream I never turns on some liquid on all the acid in the getting into jested and burping and gas and I require because it upward moving Bazza where you get the heartburn and it’s required squishing up and you’re a softie guest and then somebody says that’s crazy. Can’t continue to do this so a star said turned down the production of the stomach acid and now we have a lack of whoa which regulates your bowel movements or he talks of a patient ability related I guess pass and deliver them and bumper asses that’s been gone that’s gone south and now their stomachs are saying hey there’s no bile down there I can’t continue making the ass I’m going to turn off the acid production now you’re really there yes anything hard to digest or any toxic environmental pollution to the tune of war billion pounds of toxic chemicals up the American environment every single year sixty two million of our cancer causing We have to digest those Believe it or not our digestive strength is linked to our ability to talks and by which is why I say it’s taking the weed out yet a great do it but they exclude problem because your ability to see how it’s why is linked to your ability to pay just that harder they get stuck and that’s exactly what happens is the gov’t are against can go out and literally shut down the entire the entire digestive detox process so that’s what we need again is to say hey look at you to get my old my gallbladder kicking and won’t be in art and show and then agree to let me Greek increases the contraction of all bar by seventy five percent tumor because of a fifty percent of artichokes grade bias covers. They were you can just be dubious an apples and celery juice in the morning is a lot of those are what are called cola dogs make them clean out your liver you’re going to get out whole thing move I actually wrote out a whole course and read book called state liver cleansing teach you how to do you really safely requesting versus just sort of doing what’s on the website which is sort of randomly

going in there and just clobbering your liver involved better without knowing if your body is ready for it and that’s a three book reproach said to know about mating many many ways I can even in my book I take you step by step troubleshooting what part of your digestion is gone gonna become weekend and how they can rebuild and strengthen that that’s great being able to climb sort of live or double. And he’s the. Efficient way and by eating foods to prepare yourself for that flush it’s priceless I mean we’re trained in our school system to flush the radiator and the oil in our car and people do that religiously The last time we flushed our liver kidney and gall bladder so it’s a mini me. I always say that when not eating the the packaged food the locus of bread we’ve been eating her steaks New Years and if you just look at being reduced finished up a says anything any of it ever of vegetable oil could be organic expeller crass and oh well don’t eat it if it’s in a package food it’s there to preserve it is there to extend the shelf why not your ally and that’s where sixty years is like it’s like never cleaning your stove top for the last sixty years imagine how greasy It is never did it and we did guys actually when I was in school and we would secure here the somebodies liver and it is the greasy a slimy assorted on the planet and it is so greasy and if it’s bad recent out oil you’re in trouble well we do this because I couldn’t see. Any Yeah any oil that’s heated it turns carcinogenic so they put a bunch of oil and bake the bread it’s pretty obvious what happens now we’ve got Monsanto breeding the you know I phosphate oils into me and now pesticides interfere and obviously we want to go organic But back to the question of what is the right kind of wheat to eat would you say spelt and any H. it green like would be a good start. Roast Spelt is a really great grain because it’s really low and by big assets and a lot of people don’t have that I just took strand break down. The buy it gas and so now it’s a great grain to start of when so is good is still much easier to digest raw and bread is really significantly lower good for your blood sugar if that’s a grain that is really good for your blood sugar I did a podcast with all the oldest camera farmer on the planet super super great progress you can walk that quad and learn about engine grants encounter is a fantastic week and the reason why cow is so good because it has so much more of the anti-inflammatory did a study with how many we vs modern and guess what we can do we have twice as much gluten in it then the modern We place is much really supposed to be the bad thing right but it had twice as reduction of inflammation a lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar significantly more than the monitoring So how does the grey work twice as most living that’s why I smoke and I’m a twenty properties if gluten is really the problem it’s not a camera it has an ancient brain and the ancient Granger really cool because they have more antioxidants in them and some of the modern grains that’s definitely a difference but genetically speaking they’re really not there’s really didn’t if you get a good quality organic whole wheat of grain when you make bread per example all you really need is organic whole we saw water and maybe a starter in that kind of bread can take up to three days to bake and that would be great ready get a whole wheat salt and water and that’s all you should see unless you see like sometimes all those sprouted grains in the mix some different grains in like the zero bread is great you won’t see any cooked oils in them that’s the killer and any ingredient that you never that you don’t understand or never heard of don’t need it but red is really simple was read in weeks salt water to make bread you know you don’t need those oil they cook it yeah so you know let’s be clear spelt commute this is these are different forms of ancient forms of wheat. You know it’s that I’ve always liked the buttery richness of spelt and commute definitely seems a little heavier but it has its place and so when we’re talking about food combining this is something that may help someone who’s got a jest of issues but once you’ve got the digestive fire burning you know my wife is the.

Body type and chili to fish taco I can it’s not there you know she can handle that starch and protein she burns right there really fast and doesn’t have the kind of digestive issues I might have if I combined you know some heavy starch to have a protein but I’d like to get into and touch on the warming spices to get that fire in agony going for people things like black pepper cinnamon ginger which has been called the you have personal medicine and cardamom fennel I’ve been tempering these spices out with key ingredients like chard and it’s that’s how I healed my digestive health is putting in there with with the spices to pull out the medicine and then infuse the greens with so do you think that you’re so right and I inflammatory and of course the kitchari I’ve got a great kitchari recipe on my blog of medicinal dash fruits that was came from a master are evaded chefs and so do you think that with these and inflammatory aspects of all the studies around the oils and the medicinal seeds. That alone could far outweigh any inflammation that comes from the cooking of the food don’t you think well you know we think of vegetable oil so when you go down the grossest trial and you see all the clear bottles there are vegetable oils that come from seeds and there’s and saying nutrients and socks and surround those seeds to protect oil if they got well out of the state is going to go rancid very very quickly just from the air and the air one protonic right will do the trick so they believe spoil the oil. So to make sure there’s nothing I can go bad as a separate part of the bread justice that’s really badly crossed and it lowers cholesterol all which is why they loved it as a replacement but it actually raise hard to see it’s they didn’t know that but that’s what it ended up being so sort of like The Cure really rancid fast that we should be if you avoid swells sunflower oil our oil can no low oil olive oil but if you get really really difficult I think a good quality I’ll boil which is very very important but like you said you just use the seeds themselves like we use that we use called the five spices I write about in the book which is Ginger cumin corridor and cardamom and it’s really interesting when you quote me you look at the style inspired each of those five spices Ginger

human corner metal cardamom individually they’re all amazing for the justice system but when you put them together it becomes something magical they actually help to boost this production of your own stomach acid increase the production of your own bile and your own pain critic into on line and enzymes support the drainage of your own lymphatic system so you can get on them resat get off them and get better and not be dependent on a pill or a powder that’s the value whole cruisin home risk because you’re not creating dependencies as you would with taking hydro court you will do that also and I go Well I can’t they just I take hydrochloric acid and I take digestive enzymes OK Well that’s they just as they’re doing that as jesting for you and hydrochloric acid is putting us in your stomach or you’re What if your liver in your bile wasn’t really produce and your in your stomach said I’m going to stop producing the acid because there’s no bio it’s a buffer this abscess and you go ahead and poor hydrochloric acid in your stomach trying to amp up your digestive system and that and the sum is going like who did this like I turned the fire off like months ago like wires are no fire here it’s going to cause and also cause a real problem we have to think of the body in sequence in logic First he talks of by the liver yet the buyouts of once the piles then ter. The bar on using a Whole Foods whole spices like Junior chimney corner kind of incredible we have a product called Gentle Digest which is amazing for gas and bloating and it’s so gentle It’s just those five spices So those are powerful ways just like you’re using in your practice our ways to help people get their digestive system back on track but it’s accorded effort between turning the stomach buyer back on with those spices you know killing literally gallbladder like we talked about repairing the intestinal skin with things like kitchari they require really cogs would slip real marshmallow root and licorice root which is like putting a big Band-Aid over your entire intense which actually the skin of your intestine walk and heal your sick what are called colonizing probiotics that actually stick to your gun wall and create Criminon resonance as opposed to being dependent on a probiotics for the rest of your life which is like a new trend right now so there are so many ways to do this right and not you

know just kill the bad bugs and think we’ve we’ve done we can do that with a lot of really good you know herbal thing is a lot of the herbs are very very harsh for the intestinal skin and we we have are we are very heavy handed when it comes to rebooting digestion and we need to dial that back down and realize that those bugs in your god are super super delicate they are everything that you think they eat all and more based on what you see if you put on the hoop of an anxious mouse on a calm oust the Khan mounts gets anxious while you watch on T.V. is being actually more by the the bugs in your gut are actually changing based on what you’re experiencing because that’s what bugs do they they transport information about the outside world is a super stressful it is super calm it is stressful to reseed a lot like C.N.N. Now we better tell them the genetic code this is some weird stuff out there get ready because this might not be the end of it and we better get be genetically be prepared for changing that that’s how it works or what we see we become and so so when we just we just hose out. Trad regressive take is really aggressive urge to kill parasites and things we have to be here a proper time and place but kind and gentle is the way I see it all self-sufficient every trading day Jessica more than thirty years now and now it’s what I’ve learned over the years you know you get people to see and take candied agency. Action and they get better for a week or two a month or two in their right that’s where they start to come she doesn’t solve the real. Hits it’s amazing. How people can overdo things and become you know dogmatic with certain practices that can be self-defeating as well but there once you can you know and I like the art of it and the gentle aspect of cleansing you know you once you can get to a point where your clients the the liver gallbladder. And you see. Fifty to one hundred. P two quarter Star has the gall stones effortlessly leave your your body. It’s amazing that people can do something like that and save themselves down the road from having to get their gallbladder cut out so doing you know I mean a combination of these things it’s it’s pretty exciting that what people can save themselves later on. Medicinal foods we talk about the each in Future of Food So what do you think about leaky gut feeling through the ancient practice of eating bone broth soup. I think you know a soup kitchen really many many ancient practices are you know repairing one intestinal Yeah I mean there’s a study showed that aging process is linked to three banks one health integrity of your intestinal skin the health integrity of the. Batiks system which is now recently been deemed the seventy ninth organ of the body so the health integrity of that exists which in our data is the very person we treat which is the drains of the body and immune system of the body and the microbes inside we got it worse depend on the battery and edge off. Those three things are linked to the aging process so that’s how we have to heal and repair person so I use like a very concentrated T. cog was using slippery on marshmallow liquor sure you can read that at the recipe and how to cook up my website and take a little taste one strike with a coating the bone grows to hitch really herbs that are very kind and gentle like Alma liking Nina and Ronnie which is some telling Asiatic out so many really cool herbs or a clear idea I put all my eggs once your digestive system is working on your liver is functioning your brain stomach acid and firing all my eggs go in the basket don’t repair except for texting and repairing your intestines can’t take your intestinal tract sky you in and out all the little bell and the arses because it’s had a score as we age the functional part of that

incessant skin becomes smaller and smaller and smaller we lose the ability to deliver nutrition and get rid of waste and you can watch status people age and start to get wrinkled and dry and make them toxic and that bad things happen so in the more we can do to protect skin the longer we’re going to last and it’s a good point about the limbs because the limbs doesn’t move itself that’s why we’ve got to get out there and move our body who is just a walking in and swimming are amazing ways to cleanse the lymph So reference to these spices I mean we’re reaching to go get the we’re talking about tempering them and you put a little G. or coconut oil in the pan and you’ve put the mustard seed if you do enough first so they pop and you don’t have gas for a minute and then you can put these whole seeds in there first the seeds then the powders then you can grate some fresh ginger and turmeric but. We can also get your spice package with it what is it called the available it here is just it’s called Gentle day yes and you can just sort of. Or you can take it as a capsule comes in a capsule and you can just you can open up a capsule and cook with it you can and you can just take a capsule where the ME a lot of times it easier to have a capsule in your purse and use a couple where you go into a restaurant being damp up your digestion before you’re cute and you can feel the digestive fire it’s amazing because you feel my gosh. You kind of have this peaceful warm feeling now do people depending on their. Mind body type to enhance their digestion too they need different herbs per different person which is that five kind of work for everybody. Well this time it’s really good for everybody there are different formulations for sure people with a lot of pets who have a lot of acid related issues the dental digest good war but there is a war really with al Malaki and I read a combination called the product are we call cool digests on my website which is really good for the picture digestion and proper people are caught really boggy they need to really digest and there’s one called the warm Digest which is a combination of black pepper along pepper and ginger sort of a little bit spice here but the one that’s sort of in the military everybody is definitely the gentle days yes it’s super crying and gentle and it’s just those five spices growing up in a capsule super simple black and results of that and the science behind it is just amazing and you get and that’s the cool thing about it you get on it you get better and instead of taking in they just have enzyme why not help your body do you evil maybe they just the enzymes but the guy just the enzyme to it carries the enzymes from your pain to your small intestine before it goes into your small intestine and ninety one percent of the people it hooks up with your bile duct make your liver is congested nearby sludgy which is super carbon then the bio can’t get there. The Pagans have can’t get there so they say well people get all they can’t make any enzymes that’s not true the tubes are cocked but so we say take the easiest of enzymes and I’m like why don’t I clean out the tube then a Greek cinnamon all those spices lead mentioned beets they’re called dogs that open up those by the bow of the Plough and then you make your own it is I’m simpler because if you don’t make those ends and that too was costly to just take They just have as I was what happens when this is dangerous take it again as I’m sure that you made your pain Chris and they can’t get into your small intestine because the road block they’re going back up into your pancreas and literally they ingest your papers and that’s the cause of paper tigers and you don’t want that so this is a well I think they don’t sense I feel better without replacing the cross there’s a risk involved with that there’s always risk when you just put out the fire and treat the symptoms That’s why are we going to get to the cause of the problem and live a healthy happy life I’d like to spend some time kind of rapid fire go through some objections that a lot of people have about eating we maybe some other issues and just see if we can you know spend a few minutes on this but first what you were talking about having to do with the beets a lot of people say well beets have a lot of oxalis what you feel about oxen. You know beasts have lost list-server most of so many foods have great traditions if you look at the toxins and who do we really need millions and millions of years there’s nothing that we eat today that isn’t toxic or was hybridized to get most of the toxins out of her Cato’s and tomatoes are example where Tedward deadly gators were deadly in the eighteen under is so we still we and that’s the whole thing about we enter a new trick they call in toxins with those toxins

and then goes into nutrition about it as a British odor caused a reverse colon cancer so we have a doubt there are millions of years of being. Very. Loose with food toxins you can say and they have been. Come a very very important part of our immune strength we have three hundred and counting taste buds we’re bitter taste this bitter can either cure you or kill you we have one taste her sweet anything sweet going to be great now I think we will love it we but after that taste from the first taste of mother milk a couple million years ago and we really have mastered that taste better yet is very do unique and different and we’ve adapted all kinds of internal microbial that can ISM so handle it so to say that the ox lays her bad they’re bad if you’re toxic to are occurring example to records it has a lot of oxalate in it but also the antioxidant compounds in there neutralize the Oxley unit so let’s be careful who just blame one chemical in their food when there’s other chemicals in represent often negate that chemical So you throw like to be. In there as well. As well what else my thinking about. Well let’s let’s just go on to the electives they say that’s hard to digest as well but since we’re talking about sugar How about. What do you have to say about sugar belly why you say that sugar belly rather than wheat belly. The evidence said he use in the wheat belly book Sugar but ever. Says that sugar reduces opioids or wheat has opioids in it and their currency relate that to it’s a wheat so they gave people. Opioids the block you know who I walkers and people stop eating wheat by thirty percent Well I think it’s like thirty percent actually Well guess what mother’s milk has opioids in it Spanish has opioids in it many decibels to tomatoes to. Eat has opioids in it as well and they get people opioid blockers and they reduce your consumption of me by fifty percent they reduce your carbon all lose by fifty percent because food delivers this. Happy feeling so so to say to you again here we didn’t use one study that says Sugar has opioids in it and therefore it’s bad for you a mother’s milk has more opioids in it than week does that mean it’s bad for us I think that the reason why things have ochers in it is because we’re supposed to eat them and that makes us come back for more it was part of our survival to do that those were our Whose we knew were going to kill us right so it’s just sort of an interesting way of using the science when you don’t look at the whole scientific picture and say yeah. As opioids in it and people say oh good luck or stop producing youth out their meat consumption by fifty percent raw can use the same study for wheat and say that it’s now we end meat that everybody is off the weeks even a lot of meat and that’s the next A lot of questions about whether that’s really healthy career so I just feel like a lot of studies have been used in those books to make a case that was based on disparity simplistic understanding we people feel bad they get bloated they gain weight there are we must be bad and take it out as a very medical concept Yeah they cleaned out your day behind well I did that three years ago I think other people weren’t fine and they got better but then they got worse again then you take something else out of the eye they get better and they get worse again so I have figured out how to understand the body of the people are more causative way and explore real problems and western medical doctors don’t do that generally they just treat symptoms and we have now a sixteen billion dollars a year industry based on that very simplistic view of the human body is to be frank about it but that’s the fact. Like you said sixteen billion dollar industry and there is a couple billion dollar industry and here we are realizing people can eat wheat However it sounds like they’ve got to do their work you’ve got to they’ve got to do the cleansing and we’re not just say you know you know you know it’s four weeks find go out and you know you people with severely impaired digestive dysfunction go ahead in the. You’re going to be fine and you’ve got to do the work to get that fire going and get that clowns are going to cleanse and then rebuild with the healthy probiotics and microorganisms But you know yes we is a wake up call for us to say hey we’ve got to stop treating symptoms and fix the real problem because there’s so rinks Where are they really didn’t talk supply and the toxic Well our digestive strands is more important ever and you would say the same as well for people who may have lactose intolerance or just issues with with milk that once they get the digestive fire going they could handle having a. Little bit of. A With the milk maybe not with your meal but maybe a little bit before hand to stimulate the justifier that people can experience the same ability to digest the milk as they go to the root and heal that or they just have issues at the base or. To certain extent I mean there are definite people who are who don’t make the enzyme the laxity Cers a thing called lacked latest persistence in a lot of people actually northern european descent they continue they have the ability to actually digest milk after you know they were there weaned and as an adult so a lot of people may have some trouble with that but in milk is sugar fat and protein so you have to say well a lot of times they’re issuing that which is the gall bladder a lot of times it’s the sugar which is it which is another liver issue so a lot of times what you’re blaming and I say this the milk in a highly processed which is in the just civil so we have to be careful what we’re saying like Reno cheese or yoga or were things that have been prevented actually preventing process was a dairy how how milk with traditional you not trying a big last Isabel you know actually the Corentin processed cheese making process. Gollum’s up the casein always up the lactose and renders a casein lactose free so for most people. This is legal now in America without any help in store. Has no sitting around for at least three months to make it basically lactose free in case you have trouble eating that you got it all better each year it works better for eating for sure dairy and so I guess we can say it’s not lactose intolerant people that can almost any milk it’s got to figure out if you are some right like myself who has dairy issues when I have raw milk in my digestion strong you know we’ve got the Krishnas down the road and we get amazing raw milk from them from there they feed their cows weak grass for crying out well. It’s it’s actually you know. You can just help your overall ability to digest that but yeah John I just I want to thank you personally because you were a huge part of my healing and my journey

towards health definitely those years twenty years ago plus. Doing the Abi younger massage and all the different art of it practices you. Really helped me come into balance and to heal a lot of inflammatory issues with asthma you know long infections different kind of chronic illness that had stuck with me so. I thank you and I really appreciate you being here is there any last thoughts or some information you want to get out to the listeners of how they can reach you. Yeah well I think you know I guess time press a demand hole. That’s the that’s the nice. Experimenter line problem going to symptoms get President a promotion we published video newsletter three times a week. Dot com where we prove ancient ways and with modern science is the combination of both of those were just great.



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