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What does MCT Oil do?

Macadamia Coconut Oil

What does MCT oil do? It might be a question many people ask themselves about.

This oil may assist with many conditions, including weight loss, energy boosts, enhanced performance, possible use in treating epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, yeast, and bacterial propagation suppression, lowering blood sugar levels, and much more.

It can s your body system in a variety of ways. It’s an excellent addition to any supplement stack if you seek added health benefits.

However, in this article, we’ll discuss how this oil works and how you may use it to your advantage.

How does the oil work?

MCTs are found in coconut and palm kernel oil, but the oil supplements greater have concentrations. When digested, they enter the liver and can be utilized right away for energy or transformed into ketones in the body is short on carbohydrates. (This is the basis of the keto diet).

According to research, brain cells can then utilize these ketones as an energy source, which might have therapeutic applications for Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. They are a good energy source for the brain and body since they are readily digested.

Choosing the right type of food to follow can be a complex step in the life of those looking for health and well-being.

You may have already noticed that the diet options are numerous. And that every day more substances and supplements appear on the market that promise to work miracles for your health.

For this reason, it is important to know the benefits and potential risks that certain substances can bring.

In the case of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil it should not be different.

This substance is an important source of energy in ketogenic or low carb diets, where there is low carbohydrate intake.

Basically, made up of the combination of caprylic (C8) and capric (C10) acids, it is a source of fat that stimulates the state of ketosis, a condition in which the body uses fat as the main source of energy, and not carbohydrates.

In addition, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and transported around the body more quickly and efficiently than LCTs (long chain triglycerides).

For this reason, they constitute an important form of fat present in the human diet and introduced in the clinical area more than 50 years ago, replacing LCTs, as they provide energy in an easy way.

It is present in coconut oil, palm oil and dairy products, but is consumed in pure form and in greater amounts through supplementation. TCL is found in oils such as olive oil and soybean oil.

What does MCT oil do for you?

There’s a reason why this oil is so popular right now. It’s an excellent ally if you’re trying to lose weight or want a lot of mental energy.

This oil has been found to boost energy, endurance, metabolism, satiety, and cognitive function compared to other fat types, such as olive oil. They are not widely consumed in the Western diet, so incorporating the oil into your daily routine might be a powerful way to acquire the benefits of these multi-tasking fats.

However, the following are the reason MCT oil is good for you:

It helps to lose weight

How does it work to help you lose weight? There are many ways that the oil may aid in weight reduction.

The first way is that it may help you feel fuller throughout your body by enhancing the production of peptide YY and leptin hormones. Even a study suggests that this oil may be more effective at keeping you satisfied than coconut oil.

In research that compared two groups of people, one taking coconut oil and one taking MCT oil, researchers discovered that those who took the oil ate less food at their next meal than those who took coconut oil.

Some researchers say that this oil might help you lose weight by how effectively it works on your body. It also has a unique structure and metabolism that burn more calories than other foods.

Finally, it can assist with the formation of a healthy gut ecosystem and help you lose weight more successfully. It might cause weight loss in your body by fostering the development of beneficial bacteria in your stomach, which can aid in fat reduction.

It provides your body with an energy boost

It may be used to provide quick and efficient brain nourishment. This is because your body absorbs medium-chain triglycerides more rapidly than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs).

The liver processes the oil without bile breakdown, making it easy to go straight from your stomach to the liver. Your liver can quickly utilize these fats as a source of energy, and they can also be transformed to ketones, which may travel through your blood-brain barrier and provide energy to your brain and brain cells.

It improves your body’s physical performance

When you exercise, it can decrease lactic acid accumulation in your body. Lactate has been shown to cause bodily discomfort and negatively influence general physical performance.

Taking 1.5 teaspoons (6 grams) of it with food, according to research, may help reduce lactate buildup during activity when compared to those who use long-chain triglycerides by decreasing overall soreness.

At the same time, in training, you may work out for longer and achieve higher-level athletic performance.

It is advantageous for treating Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and autism

This is not an actual medicine to treat this issue, but the oil may help with some general health advantages that may assist people to manage them somewhat better.

However, please note that we are not medical professionals, so if you have one of these diseases – we recommend consulting your doctor before using it to treat your condition. Nothing is as effective as actual medicine and medical supervision when treating illness.

The oil and epilepsy

When you’re in a fasted condition or on a ketogenic diet, your body uses more ketones as a means of energy rather than carbohydrates. Using this energy source has been found to reduce the occurrence of epileptic seizures in individuals with epilepsy.

Many people use this oil as a fast energy source when transformed to ketones, particularly when on a ketogenic diet. Following a ketogenic diet may be a more straightforward fuel source for people with epilepsy.

The oil and Alzheimer’s disease

Taking it as a ketogenic fuel source would be another solution. Alzheimer’s disease is a horrible illness that impairs your brain’s ability to use sugar.

When using MCT oil, you’re not making your body utilize sugar or glucose as a ketogenic energy source. Doing so may help the brain perform better by enhancing memory and attention.

The oil and autism

It may be beneficial for children who have autism. According to one research, combining this oil with a gluten-free and ketogenic diet significantly enhanced certain behaviors in children with autism.

Because autism affects individuals in so many various ways, the advantages of taking MCTs can also differ.

It may help reduce heart disease

The oil has been shown in different tests to reduce the risk of heart disease. It is a wonderful antioxidant and can aid in minimizing the risk of heart disease by combating conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, and inflammation.

It may help you lose weight in your body, and it’s already been shown to raise HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Improving your cholesterol levels may help you avoid heart disease.

It can also assist decrease the C-reactive protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

It helps fight yeast and bacterial growth

MCT oil has been found to decrease the development of yeast and bacteria in the body. Medium-chain triglycerides are supposed to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

MCTs, for example, have been found to prevent fungus growth in hospitals by up to 50%. On the other hand, the MCT coconut oil has been discovered to combat Candida albicans, a fungus that causes fungal infections and thrush in the body.

It helps control blood sugar levels

MCT oil has been found to control blood sugar levels and assist diabetes patients by decreasing fat accumulation and increasing fat burning. According to one research, 40 people with diabetes who took it daily lost significantly more weight, had smaller waists, and had improved insulin sensitivity compared to another group that took corn oil.

Another study discovered that people who took MCTs in place of LCTs needed 30% less sugar to balance their blood sugar levels when injected with insulin.

It is highly recommended for practitioners of diets such as ketogenic and low carb, as it provides the energy needed for the body to fulfill its vital functions, without the need for a high intake of carbohydrates.

According to studies, it also contributes to:

  • weight loss, as it favors increased energy expenditure, fat burning and satiety;
  • feeling of satiety, as suggested by a study related to these oils and food intake;
  • fat burning, by promoting mitochondrial biogenesis (formation of new mitochondria, where we burn fat) and providing energy without raising glucose and insulin levels.

In this sense, it is worth noting that by increasing the consumption of good fats, such as MCT, and at the same time limiting the consumption of carbohydrates, the body begins to interpret that they are the “fuel” necessary for its functions, which reduces dependence of carbohydrates as an energy source.

Coconut oil consists, on average, of 90% saturated fat, where caprylic and capric acids are present. However, about 47% of this amount of fat corresponds to lauric acid (C12).

Well known for its antimicrobial properties, it has a limited ability to provide energy to the muscles and brain, when compared to caprylic and capric acids. This is because, although lauric acid is structurally classified as such, its biological action is that of a TCL.

These supplements combine only caprylic and capric acids, in concentrations up to 7 times greater than the amount present in coconut oil. These provide energy through the formation of ketone bodies in a potentiated way, when compared to lauric acid (C12), due to their smaller carbon chains, and therefore faster hepatic metabolism.

Features of coconut oil

  • Prevalence of lauric acid (C12) – 47%, on average;
  • Low in caprylic acid (on average 7%) and capric acid (on average 6%);
  • Characteristic coconut flavor;
  • Solidifies at temperatures below 25°C.


  • Consisting of 60% caprylic acid and 40% capric acid, fast energy sources;
  • Does not contain lauric acid (C12);
  • Neutral flavor and aroma;
  • Does not solidify;
  • Greater solubility.

Caprylic acid or octanoic acid (C8) contains eight carbon atoms and is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA). As it is the best absorbed medium chain triglyceride, even in smaller amounts it favors:

  • more energy;
  • better performance;
  • greater fat loss;
  • more mental clarity.

As we mentioned earlier, coconut oil has only 7% of C8 in its composition, while in supplements it can reach 60%.

MCT oil what does it do?

The oil is a highly concentrated medium-chain triglyceride with a superior flavor and fuel profile than coconut oil. It only has C8 and C10 medium-chain triglycerides, the two most readily utilized for energy and ketone production.

It comprises a beautifully balanced mix of 60% caprylic acid (C8) and 40% capric acid (C10), clean, light, and flavorless. It is produced using pure steam distillation and mild hydrolysis without using solvents or chemicals, as it is from coconut oil.

Among the benefits of are:

  • improvement in body composition, cardiovascular risk and weight loss: studies suggest that the consumption leads to a reduction in fat gain or storage, increases the feeling of satiety and reduces the levels of total cholesterol and LDL-c;
  • positive effects on the cognitive ability of people with Alzheimer’s: another study also revealed that it has positive effects on the cognition of patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer’s, which may be related to the ketogenic effect. Ketone bodies, resulting from the metabolism of it by liver mitochondria, are neuroprotective and act in the stability of neural functions, reducing hyperexcitability and inflammation of neurons, also acting in the formation of myelin (cover that protects neurons);
  • helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals: like other sources of fat, it helps in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).
  • provides the energy needed by the body without raising glucose and insulin levels, being a great ally in ketogenic or low carb diets.

Supplementation with these oils has also been linked to improved performance in competitions that require greater endurance.

The hypothesis considers that the use of fat as a source of energy would be a way to save the glycogen stock for the end of the competition.

However, a review concluded that more studies are needed to prove the use of the supplement for this purpose.

Because it is in liquid form and has a neutral flavor, it can be consumed in spoonful or added to juices, shakes, salads and in the preparation of recipes.

It can be found pure and concentrated or be an ingredient of another supplement such as Smart Cream Coconut Creamer, which in addition to being delicious and practical, is a great alternative to complement your diet.

Because in addition to this oil, this coffee creamer also has Lion’s Mane Mushrooms which stimulates brain activity and it is sugar free.


So what does MCT Oil do? Well, using this oil appropriately has various health benefits and may even assist with several disease processes.

MCT oil may provide you with the assistance you need to manage any of the problems we’ve discussed above, such as weight loss, brain fuel, athletic performance, or one of the other issues.

It is also worth mentioning the importance of using these supplements associated with a healthy diet, physical activity and according to the guidance of your doctor or nutritionist.

If you were wondering, now you can have a better understanding how great this substance can be.


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