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Pineal Gland Third Eye

This may be your first time coming across the term pineal gland third eye. Telling you about having a third eye might seem weird and ridiculous.

How is it possible for an average individual to have a third eye?

Optometrists and other medical personnel only check and talk about your two-functioning eye.

But you will never see anyone, doctors, optometrists, neurologists, nurses, or medical practitioners, talk about your third eye.

This alleged eye is associated with a very small, tiny, but essential gland found in the human body system.

The gland is often regarded as a spiritual phenomenon that rules the human body system. It is regarded as the third human eye.

It resides inside the human brain, performing different secretory protective functions. Physically, scientists believe it is called the third eye because it can let in light and darkness (sleep-wake cycle) as performed by the two eyes.

It is a neuroendocrine organ solely responsible for the secretion of a light controlling, regulation, and containing a hormone called melatonin. The gland has some light-sensitive cells which regulate the circadian rhythm.

Pineal gland third eye theory

The gland theory is an ancient Indian spiritual phenomenon. This phenomenon is called the Ajna chakra (one out of the seven chakras).

This third eye is invisible and provides support beyond ordinary sight. The Chakra is believed to be the force that spins and rotates nonstop every day to enable energy to flow through the body naturally.

This energy center is believed to supply the whole body. It influences so many processes in the human body system like breath exercises, visualizations, mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and mantras that deal with the flow of subtle energy.

The energy centers can be likened to a disk spinning energy corresponding to certain nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and major organs. Chakra is a non-scientific belief or myth proposed by spiritualists and was prominent among people who practiced Hinduism.

These chakras are seven energy-spinning centers situated in the human body. It spans from the forehead to the base of your spine. Below are different types of chakras:

  • Sacral chakra – Just below the navel
  • Root chakra – The base of the spine
  • Solar Plexus chakra – Stomach area
  • Heart chakra – The center of the chest
  • Throat chakra – Base of the throat
  • Third Eye Chakra (indigo) location – Forehead, just above the area between the eyes

The chakra is circulated in the whole human body system. It affects humans’ normal healthy state, well-being, meditation, and perception.

To allow these chakras’ proper functioning, they need to be opened, unblocked, and balanced. Chakra blocking can cause an emotional, physical breakdown.

Importance of chakra

  • Spiritual Haleness
  • Aids Meditation
  • Fitness
  • Aid reproduction
  • Promote healthy living
  • Enhance sexual activity and emotion
  • Clairvoyance
  • Intuition
    The third eye chakra is named Ajna, considered the sixth chakra in the body related to the pineal gland. It is situated at the middle of the head, at the eyebrow level, parallel to the ear (near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland).

It aids spiritual communication with the outside realm of the world, aids the cognitive process, wisdom, insight, precognition, extrasensory perception, and deepens the spiritual connection.

The third eye pineal gland is often referred to as an imaginary gate that opens or closes the outer realm, subconsciousness, depicts a state of enlightenment that enhances communication and messages sharing between the subconsciousness and other dimensions of consciousness.

It is often regarded as the “seat of the soul,” “eye of consciousness.” People who have unblocked sixth chakras are sometimes called prophets or seers.

An old Chinese priest once regarded the pineal gland as a revered tool of seers and mystics. It is also said to be a supreme organ of connection that connects universality."

However, there is no scientific support for the phenomenon, but it is emphasized by culture and traditionalists who still believe in ancient phenomena.

What is the third eye pineal gland?

After knowing the theory of the third eye, this section will talk about the third eye pineal gland. As stated earlier, the gland is located in the brain (center of forehead), in between the two brain hemispheres.

The cells of the gland are called pinealocytes. These cells are responsible for the secretion of certain hormones called melatonin, which serves so many functions in the human body.

This melatonin hormone is also called the spirit molecule because of its relation to the body’s consciousness. The gland also helps in the division and growth of glial cells.

This glial cell is found in the brain, and it helps in the transmission, support, and transfer of neurons (that cells that transmit sensory information to the cells).

Importance of the third eye pineal gland


Regular meditation helps improve the body’s mental, psychological, and physical state. Meditation cleans the body system from all forms of negative toxins, relieves oxidative stress, improves concentration, boosts clarity, and channels the body energies, aids concentration and quality sleep.

Meditation comes in different forms and times, during sleeping, early morning. Spiritually it is alleged to cause a transition from the normal subconscious state to another state.

This clears all forms of anxiety and worries from the mind and soul.


The third eye helps to improve the human cognitive process. It helps to assimilate and acquire knowledge faster and more efficiently without having to reason analytically or struggle with things.

Mental clarity

Opening the third eye allows the state of mind, perception, and thought to be cleared and cleaned. Mental clarity allows adequate recognition, understanding, and organization of your thoughts.


The eye’s normal function is to see and contrate, and focus. The third eye is not also an exception.

  • Imagination
  • Spiritual perception
  • Universal connection
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved concentration
  • Clear self-expression
  • Strengthened intuition
  • A sense of bliss
  • Decisiveness
  • Insight

When the third eye or the gland is blocked or has disorders, it causes uncertainty, confusion, cynicism, absenteeism, lack of purpose, pessimism, restlessness, etc.

Another theory surrounding one of the body’s most essential glands was started above. The theory is a non-scientific myth originating from Chinese and Hindu monks around BC 1500.

This gland is said to be a third eye that functions in humans. It has been well explained and delineated above.

The meaning, importance, functions, beliefs, and fallacy of this phenomenon were also discussed. Have a meaningful reading and enlighten the pineal gland third eye.


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