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Enamel Remineralization Treatment

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Today you can find different tips on enamel remineralization since demineralization is one of several oral problems that can affect our health when we don’t take care of our teeth properly.

Demineralization is the loss of calcium of the tooth. On one hand, it can have unpleasant consequences for the patient if left untreated, such as the appearance of cavities. On the other hand, there is a solution that can be applied and that will help to overcome the initial problem.

Certain nutrients are fundamental to the composition of the cellular structure. In the case of the oral cavity, calcium is one of the main elements responsible for the formation of the bone structure, and therefore it needs to be present in the individual’s diet.

Calcium is one of the main nutrients involved in odontogenesis and an adequate supply of vitamin D is necessary to utilize the calcium necessary for calcification of bones and teeth.

Because it is a physical-chemical imbalance, it can be considered an oral problem indeed. On the factors that influence this process are indicated caries, interacting through three points such as diet, tooth and microorganism.

Another important factor is dental erosion, already caused by chemical factors such as constant use of acidic drinks, systemic factors and use of medications. In addition, it is worth mentioning that energy drinks consumption, medications and systemic disorders, such as bulimia, can also cause dental erosion.

Can you remineralize enamel

In a practical way, this new process can be defined as any process of gain by the dental surface that occurs through the deposition of minerals in the demineralized area of the tooth.

The use of hydroxyapatite, a newly discovered, safer, and more effective method to treat tooth decay, effectively participates in this process of dental enamel recovery, maintaining a protective effect against caries disease. In addition, a cavity healing diet combined with healthy habits also contribute to this process.

Demineralization can be avoided as long as some habits are changed, such as reducing the consumption of acidic foods or drinks or drinks rich in sugars and carbohydrates and always brushing your teeth right after eating.

Other than that, maintaining a balanced diet, rich in fiber, vegetables, and legumes, in addition to flossing and brushing, are great allies to prevent the process of mineral loss from the teeth.

Scientists at the University of California have made a discovery that promises to revolutionize oral health. They found out an anti-cavity treatment in which the tooth repairs itself.

This new study was able to stimulate the regeneration of enamel and dentin, the first two layers affected by caries. Simply soaking the teeth in a solution containing calcium, phosphate and potassium chloride. This stimulates the reconstruction of the tooth, and could be, finally, the long-awaited definitive cure for cavities.

This experiment achieved a recovery of up to 65% in dentin, which is very encouraging. But the discovery will still take time to reach the dentists offices. This is because this process is still irregular and extremely slow – in the study, it worked in some parts of the teeth, but not in others.

The teeth need to stay up to 28 days in contact with the “magic” solution for the dentin to achieve maximum recovery. Which, in real life, would be painful: you would have to keep a piece of plastic, similar to the protectors used by boxers, stuck in your mouth 24 hours a day. During a month.

But scientists are already working to speed up the process – the idea is to create a solution that works in seconds, and can be used daily as part of oral hygiene.

This process just doesn’t help in the case of more serious accidents, like falling off a bike and breaking a tooth. If we take into account the other parts that form the teeth, regeneration becomes even more difficult.

It’s just that this process doesn’t work to fix the other structures of the tooth, like the nerve and cement. But there are those who believe that this is possible: Japanese and American scientists have already managed to recreate teeth from the root.

The technique, which for now has only been tested on animals, consists of injecting stem cells (which have the ability to transform into any type of tissue) into the mouth.

When you don’t brush your teeth properly and they are left with food residue, the bacteria present in the mouth do their job: they digest the food. But as a result, they release an acid that corrodes enamel and dentin.

Nowadays, the only solution is to use a drill to remove the damaged part and fill the hole with resin or amalgam. The new technology proposes a less aggressive method: just dip the tooth in a solution of calcium and potassium. No drill.

The minerals are being absorbed by the tooth, which is able to regenerate. This supposedly happens because the solution is ionized, that is, it contains electrically charged particles – which force calcium to penetrate the tooth.

Remineralize enamel

Many chemical processes can harm our oral health. The loss of minerals from our teeth is an example of this. But nowadays there are alternatives to get around this problem.

Dental demineralization can happen naturally or due to lack of oral hygiene. When this occurs, the person loses minerals from the teeth and feels worn down. So, it may be the solution recommended by dentists.

Tooth remineralization is a dental procedure performed to replenish lost minerals. The main ones are: calcium and phosphate. Minerals form our tooth enamel, which is the outer layer that protects our teeth.

When we don’t take care of them, infections and diseases can develop in our mouth. Therefore, this procedure is made important.

Your dentist will decide if you really need to remineralize your teeth. You should talk to a professional and understand better how the process occurs.

But you may be wondering: do I need to go to the dentist to check if I need the procedure? The ideal is that you always visit one.

However, there are some symptoms that may indicate that you need this treatment. As for: small white spots on teeth; feeling that your teeth are sensitive; having discomfort and even pain in the dental elements; notice that the teeth are worn down.

Minerals maintain our oral health. Therefore, it is important to take special care.

When we don’t take care of these minerals, our teeth are susceptible to infections and diseases. That’s because bacteria and other organisms can easily enter the mouth and settle on weakened teeth.

Some of the problems caused by bacteria and other organisms are: white spots; tooth decay – a structural lesion and an infection caused by bacteria; partial or total loss of the tooth as the teeth tend to weaken and therefore, they may have to be removed; infections; and sensitivity.

You need to pay close attention to oral health to reduce the risks of future problems. Thus, we have separated some recommendations for you to follow.

  • Brush your teeth after waking up, after meals and before going to sleep. Make smooth, circular movements.

  • Remember to brush your tongue too, because it has bacteria that can be bad for your health. It is important to try not to pass the brush too abruptly.

  • Flossing at least once a day is ideal and recommended by dentists. You don’t need to floss aggressively, but you do need to clean the entire area around the tooth and gum.

Your dentist may also give you some ideal mouthwash to maintain and complete your daily asepsis.

At the time of feeding, it is also necessary to have a regulated diet. Consume plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Do not abuse foods with a lot of sugar, or those that are very fatty. Don’t forget to stay hydrated whenever you can.

Be sure to take care of your oral hygiene so you don’t lose minerals. But if you miss it, talk to your dentist about how enamel remineralization can keep your smile healthy.


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