How to remineralize teeth naturally with these foods

I know how to remineralize teeth naturally, and it can happen faster by eating some of the foods I'm going to share with you today.

I'm Sky Kubby, founder of Medicinal Foods and author of The 9-Step Cavity Healing Protocol.

I've reminerlized and healed by cavities and regrew my tooth enamel with the protocol I developed.

Sky Kubby, Founder

You have soft teeth... it's a genetic thing. --At least that's what my dentist told me. But we we can heal our cavities!

I will share how I regrew enamel and how to heal cavities naturally without going to the dentist.

Every time I went in for a cleaning, no matter how much I flossed and brushed, sonicared or watched my sugar and processed foods intake, it was always the same story... more cavities!

At the time, I didn't know there was a formula to restore tooth enamel, but now I know! Back then I needed to find a solution to heal my cavities and to stop from being plagued with expensive dental work.

So this started me on my journey, healing tooth decay over time, and from which I created my 9-step Cavity Healing Protocol, that has worked great for me and many others too! Want the full protocol? I'll send you all the information and experience I have compiled:

But if you just want to hear more of my story and my history with cavities, keep reading: This time will be different! I imagined. Because after all the preparation I did for that dental visit: months of extra flossing, using clove and tea tree oil—there couldn't be any new cavities!

You have some really clean teeth! My hygienist remarked after my cleaning, I couldn't find one speck of plaque! I softened in my chair. I've got this one in the bag, I thought as I relaxed.

When the dentist finally came in, I was super exited to show him my great teeth. He was greeted by my super-wide grin. But, at the completion of his exam, just when I thought I was in the clear...

My dentist told me I had 5 more cavities and another $1600 in fillings!

Crestfallen, I said, I'll call later for a drilling appointment. And took the dental bill, crumpled up in my pocket. My mouth was already like a mine of filled caverns! How could this be?!

What percentage of my tooth structure has been lost to fillings? I often wondered. And, Is this reversible? Will my cavities ever be healed and my tooth enamel regrown?

Then I read a statistic that by the time people turn 65, they have an average of 4 real teeth left!How could the great Creator screw up our teeth so bad?

Obviously, modern dentistry was failing to heal cavities naturally.

I couldn't take it any more and just said, No! No more drilling, no more filling and no more billing! I was ready to heal my cavities naturally, from the inside-out.

Remineralization of teeth Encouraged by friends and real stories of how people healed their cavities, remineralized their teeth and regrew their tooth enamel,

Remineralization of teeth

I began reading up on Dr. Weston Price, a famous dentist who had a track record for actually healing cavities. Early in his career, after performing a root canal on his son, his son died.

Perhaps out of desperation, Dr. Weston Price, devoted the rest of his life to studying indigenous cultures around the globe, their diets, and why we get cavities and they don't. He was later named the Charles Darwin of Nutrition. I learned about Dr. Price's journeys as he documented many indigenous cultures who had amazingly healthy and strong teeth.

However, only one generation removed from their traditional diet, the perfect genetics they inherited from their parents, resulted in rotten teeth and a mouthful of cavities.

Dr. Price found and explored this direct link to diet. Cavities aren't a genetic problem, but a nutritional issue. The main cause of cavities is poor nutrition and poor eating habits.

Here's Three Ancient Foods to Help You Regrow Tooth Enamel and Heal Cavities Naturally

Remineralize cracked tooth

Now there's no doubt that some dental problems are beyond the grasp of the healing techniques below. Big holes and cracks may need some serious dental work.

Although you may experience great results with small cavities, or even large ones, do so at your own risk and under supervision of your dentist. But it is possible to regrow tooth enamel.

By implementing even a portion of this cavity healing protocol, you could drastically improve your next visit to the dentist and greatly increase your overall health. Remineralize Fruit from our land I just couldn't give up: Durian, Rambutan, Monstera, Lychee Cacao and Star Apple.

I'll say this up-front, diet is a huge factor! You may be turned off by this already, thinking not wanting to change your diet, but stay with me!

What if the theory of the US Dental Society, that bacteria eat sugars and starches, creating acids that make cavities, was false? What if tooth decay had more to do with our diet, rather than what the bacteria eats? Now, what you are about to find out could seriously blow your mind.

Tooth remineralization

Strong teeth resist acid and bacteria.

“... the fact that tooth decay is caused by nutrient deficiencies, and not bacteria, has been proven in both animal and laboratory experiments published in books and dental journals… -Ramiel Nagel, Author of Cure Tooth Decay

Although completely eliminating the sugars and starches that feed acid-creating bad bacteria might be be good, who's going to actually do that? Not me. And not 99% of the population. I like eating some fruit in the morning as my first cleansing meal and I'm not ready to give that up.

Regardless, by simply adding these Three Healthy Foods to your diet, you will greatly increase your oral health, and possibly prevent future cavities. Many have experienced complete reversal of cavity formation, tooth re-mineralization and even regrown enamel.

Three Ancient Foods To Renew Regrow Enamel, and Heal Cavities Naturally:

1) Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO)

Dr. Weston Price targeted 17 of the the worst cases of dental health and put them on his his fat soluble vitamin diet. All 17 healed their cavities, except for one. The diet consisted, in part, of a whole food, rich in Vitamin D. This Ancient Food was held sacred by Vikings and Grandmas alike. Roman Soldiers were even rationed their daily serving of ferment fish oil.

Vitamin D is loaded with vitamins soluble in fat, and is crucial in building strong teeth and bones. Helpful in preventing gingivitis, it is also anti-inflammatory.The amount of calcium in your teeth, at any given time, is in flux. Calcium is flowing in and out of your teeth, depending on where it is needed in the body.

Vit. D regulates this entire process and helps remineralizing teeth!

If your levels of Vit. D are low, not only is calcium blocked from entering your teeth, but it is robbed from your teeth! When this continues, you could end up with periodontal disease and weakened teeth.

Vit. D is also directly responsible for the Cementum which binds your teeth to the bones in your mouth. Lastly, it appears that the gene that controls Periodontal disease is regulated by a **receptor controlled by, you guessed it... Vit. D.

In my Free Report below I will show you the type of FCLO I use, how much I take and why I feel it is the best.

2) Trace Mineral Drops

You can't get much more ancient than the ocean. By adding drops of trace minerals in your water, you will alkalize your mouth, preventing further break-down of your tooth enamel. You are delivering the trace minerals, right to where your body uses them. The salty taste also stimulates saliva production, keeping the mouth alkaline.

However, if your diet is extremely acidic, then your saliva will be as well. It is also helpful to test the PH of your saliva. In my Free Protocol learn a way to make your own trace mineral drops out of something you probably have already in your house. Also get a source for PH test strips I mentioned.

3) Vitamin Rich Butter Oil

fclo Lacking in the the modern diet, vitamin K was previously associated with blood-clotting.

Newer studies shows the Vitamin K harnesses special proteins that have an organizational ability to distribute calcium and phosphorous in teeth and bones.Simultaneously, the calcium is inhibited from calcifying soft tissues in your kidneys, arteries and other parts of the body. The end result of this bad calcification is inflammation like Arthritis and contributes to almost every major illness.

Vitamin K is the Activator-X the famous dentist, Dr. Weston Price, used to heal so many of his patients cavities. This is one the two things the girl I mentioned earlier used to completely heal 48 cavities on 24 teeth in 7 months!

Vitamin Vitamin A, D, E and Cod Liver Oil for Cavity Healing

Could adding something to our diet really help prevent cavities- and actually heal them? Fat-soluble vitamins are a specific class of vitamin that have been linked to helping to heal cavities, protect and start remineralization.

Which vitamins are considered fat soluble? How do they contribute to your health? What foods do you need to eat to absorb these essential vitamins into your body? Let’s explore these topics and discuss how fat soluble vitamins help with dental health specifically.

Remineralizing teeth

Benefits of Fat Soluble Vitamins

All vitamins are important for sustaining life, health and wellness, but vitamins soluble in fat may be particularly important for dental health. According to author Ramiel Nagel, these vitamins are essential for reversing tooth decay and healing cavities. If your dental health is important to you, you’ll pay attention to the information in the following paragraphs about where to get these important vitamins in your diet. You should also learn more by looking at the work of Weston Price, who first discovered the efficacy of vitamins in solving tooth decay issues.

Healing The Process of Cavity Formation

One warning to keep in mind: Food-based fat-soluble vitamins are preferred! Because your body stores fat-soluble vitamins, you might want to be careful to avoid overdosing on manufactured supplement forms. Vitamin toxicity is a real risk, and while it’s not an issue with water soluble vitamins like vitamin C, which your body excretes when it’s met its usable quotient, it is a risk with the fat soluble vitamins listed below.

Eating healthful foods is often enough to get the fat-soluble vitamins you need. However, supplements are a good way to boost your wellness, improve dental health and fight off disease. Just stay away from synthetic supplements. Natural is always better!

Vitamin AVitamin A is also known as retinol. If the word “retinol” reminds you of “retina,” that’s not a coincidence—vitamin A is essential for ocular health and functionality. This vitamin also plays a large part in bone and tooth health, which connects to what Ramiel Nagel says about these vitamins playing a part in the reversal of tooth decay. It’s possible to get plenty of vitamin A from food sources. For a completely plant-based diet, focus on foods that are orange in color. Beta-carotene, an antioxidant that the body metabolizes into vitamin A, is found in orange fruits and vegetables such as cantaloupe, pumpkin, sweet potato, persimmon and carrot.

Vitamin DIt’s easy to get vitamin D—just go outside in the sun. Sunlight is one of the best natural sources of vitamin D, but if you live in a cloudy environment or need to avoid sunlight, you could also get this vitamin through food sources. Animal-based foods, including fatty fish such as salmon, are among the best natural dietary sources of vitamin D.

Cod liver oil and butter oil from Green Pastures is also helpful.

If you adhere to a plant-based diet, you should take supplements to get the vitamin D you need. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a range of health problems, including depression and reduced immune function.

Vitamins The Vitamin Wheel Showing Natural Food Sources
Vitamin E Vegetable oils are your best source of vitamin E, as are grains and nuts, so vegans and vegetarians who eat healthy whole foods don’t need to worry about supplementing this fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant with many wonderful health benefits.

Vitamin K Your gut bacteria produce vitamin K naturally and are found in abundance in fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and Medicinal Foods Living Greens.

Vitamin K is what Dr. Weston Price termed the “X-Factor”, or “Activator-X”. Vitamin K is very important but is lacking in the modern diet. Luckily, you can find 1/3 of “X-factor” high vitamin butter oil in Green Pastures Brand of Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

As long as you’re consuming good probiotics and keeping your digestive system healthy you should be getting all the vitamin K you need. If you’re worried about keeping your fat soluble vitamin intake high, you could eat olive oil, cauliflower or spinach to boost your vitamin K. Supremefood Organic Probiotics Superfood Mix

Green Pasture's Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend - Buy Now

Natural Cavity Healing Toothpaste made with Theobromine from Cacao

Want to know how I eat my Vitamin Rich Butter Oil?**

Grab my FREE Regrow Enamel and Heal Cavities, Naturally Protocol

I'll share the very best sources of these supplements in nutrient-dense, real-food form and how to take them.

Inside you'll discover more foods with high concentrations of what Dr. Price called The X-Factor, capable of seriously remineralizing teeth. A study of the British Dental Journal showing how profound of cavity healing took place in the mouths of people who simply supplemented with Vitamin D alone.

Want to learn more about cavity healing?

What I'm doing to **heal cavities, it's all in my Free Report where I outline the 9-step Cavity Healing Protocol:

Regrow Enamel and Heal Cavities Naturally

In My Free Protocol, you'll learn how to regrow tooth enamel naturally. I'll share some of most powerful ways to regrow your enamel, plus much more, including:

  1. More ancient foods that heal cavities:
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  3. Group People Pointing Teeth Smile Variety
  4. How to make your own re-mineralizing toothpaste.
  5. Which foods and additives strip enamel.
  6. Which foods regrow enamel.
  7. How to create an anti-cavity environment in your mouth at all times.
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  9. The truth on Fluoride.
  10. One practice that radically transforms your oral and physical health.

UPDATE Dec. 2, 2016

I proved it to myself that cavities could be healed naturally!I'm pleased to share with you that my cavity healing protocol appears to be working, I am healing cavities! With all the munching going on over Thanksgiving holidays, one of my fillings fell out. Fortunately, I was able to get it filled by a local dentist the next day.

Super Tooth Armor Fights Bacteria

The technicians took an X-ray. I asked them to cover my whole mouth so I could update you all on the results so far. I admit, I haven't been religious about my protocol, but did what I could, nutritionally, to strengthen and how to remineralize teeth.

So when the dentist took a look at my x-rays and he said my teeth must have, Re-calcified because he couldn't see any cavities, I must say - it felt good!


Later, as I lay there getting, drilled and filled, I thought, I told myself I was never going to do this again. Well sometimes, western medicine has it's place. In this situation, it was to fix the work that had been done already. As I discuss in my Cavity Healing Protocol, if you have a hole or serious situation that needs a dentist then by all means, go to the Dentist!

I truly had a great experience at my dentist. It was as good as it gets. I shopped around and got lucky. Please don't settle for less, when it comes to your dentist. The people there should be friendly. If you don't like the vibe, don't go! And the dentist should be at least semi-conscious.

For example, as I was getting the X-ray, he heard me talking about eating fat-soluble vitamins for strong teeth in form of raw milk and he said, Yeah, they've taken all the fat away and just feed us sugar now... I smiled, realizing my dentist was conscious in his own sort of way.


I've learned to be firm with dentists about my wants and needs. You've got to be psychologically prepared to tell the dentist you don't want to do something. I told him before we began that I was nervous about the appointment (I wrote that on the questionnaire) because I didn't want him poking around my teeth with his instrument.

That it was my belief that all that poking actually created cavities themselves. He simply said, Yes we used to poke the teeth and learned that it weakens them, so we don't do that anymore. One small step for modern dentistry... Interestingly, my doctor said he tries to consult people, psychologically on what to eat and what not but that people don't change, they keep eating and drinking all that sugar, without taking in the right nutrients they need for their teeth to heal. So he just continues to treat them. Congratulations for being someone who is proactive in changing your diet to have strong, remineralized teeth that resist acid and bacteria!

Want more information on healing your cavities? Sign up for my full Cavity Healing Protocol:

Woman Pointing Happy Dental Work Strong Tooth Drawing Armor Remineralize