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A cleanse comes in many forms

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Maintenance and upkeep is a foundation for making sure our lives are running smoothly. This is especially true for the body, and a cleanse comes in many forms.

They are able to do subtle cleaning on an energetic level, as well all-around deep cleaning the physical systems of our body.

Flushing out toxins ourselves is not only an essential part of remaining healthy, but it is something our bodies are doing automatically every minute of every day.

Our bodies are constantly rebuilding themselves behind the scenes by removing foreign substances and filtering out unnecessary particles – through the skin as well as through liquid and solid waste.

The creation of new cells in every organ of our body is another process by which our body renews itself. In fact, every 7 years our bodies are completely new in the sense that every cell has been replaced.

But letting our bodies do all the work is usually not enough. Doing a detoxification program greatly enhances the body’s ability to be rejuvenated, either through a diet or a specialized systematic process using certain ingredients.

What are popular cleanses for body?

When our bodies accumulate toxic substances over a period of time the body’s overall functioning gradually breaks down.

Treating the symptoms of lowered immunity and even more serious diseases often includes medication and approaches that focus on the specific part of the body that are being harmed.

But instead of treating individual symptoms, a detox program aims to “restart” the body on a more holistic level.

Similarly, if we are seeing there are viruses on our computer, deleting them one by one will help, but there can be other hidden ones that will continue to wreck havoc.

To resolve this we run an anti-virus program – a detox for the computer – that will do a complete scan to locate all of the viruses and delete them.

Here are some common yet effective methods to run a full scale detox for your body.


This is the simplest way to restart and recharge your body, and there is a reason why it has been a religious practice for thousands of years.

Reducing the intake of solid food to a minimum, and usually only drinking water, helps the body complete its current digestion process and rest afterwads.

Our body can then focus on other tasks it does not have the time to do because it is constantly breaking down and digesting new intakes of food.

Fasting can be difficult because our bodies are so accustomed to eating several times a day. Therefore, a one or two day fast can be both a mental and physical challenge.

But not only does a fast help to clean and re-orientate the digestive process, they can give more mental clarity and energy.

This is somewhat counter-intuitive because with less food we assume we’ll have less energy. But a fast will force the body to use stored up fats it has put into reserve as an energy source.

Yogis, monks, priests and shamans that conduct fasts do so to pause their physical systems so they can more completely focus on their spiritual condition.

Fasting is a process that needs practice to be effective, so just doing a one or two day fast and thinking your body will be in tip-top shape is usually not enough to do a more complete full body detox.

Hot Lemon Water in the Morning

Our kidneys are responsible for filtering our blood, as well as all of the liquids in our body, and then remove the waste through the urine.

Therefore, along with the liver, it is a critical organ for removing toxins from our body and can easily become over-worked the more toxic liquids we ingest.

This can lead to kidney discomfort (in the lower right or left side of the back), kidney stones, and even blood in the urine in more serious cases.

An effective way to help the kidneys purify their filtration process is to drink a warm cup of distilled water with squeezed lemon when you wake up in the morning.

The acidity of the lemon passing through the kidneys helps remove various toxins that build up (similar to cleaning a water filter), as well as dissolve mineral deposits that can develop into painful kidney stones.

Colon Detox

Our large intestine store most of the toxic solid wastes that our bodies are unable to completely process and digest.

Here our bodies will store many harmful substances that get lodged into the cell walls that need to be flushed out in order for proper absorption of the beneficial minerals in food.

Colon health is a major factor in overall digestive health and it is recommended to do a detox at least once a year, preferably twice.

Here is a common drink that can be prepared and taken every other day for 12 days:

  • 3/4 cup organic apple juice

  • 1/4 cup distilled water

  • 1 tablespoon psyciliium husks

  • 1 tablespoon liquid bentonite

  • 1 teaspoon chlorophyll

  • 1 teaspoon fresh aloe

Mix these ingredients in a mixing container, cover and shake for 30 seconds to make sure they mix together thoroughly, and pour into a glass.

It is good to give your body a rest day in between each concoction to allow the body to fully process the ingredients.

Also, eat lighter during the 12 day detox, focusing on greens, drinking enough water, fruits and vegetables, and poultry instead of red meat (if you eat meat).

How to cleanse crystals?

Many people use crystals, such as clear quartz, to clear out negative or toxicity in their energetic fields.

The crystals serve to purify and then amplify the space around them, which has shown to be an effective way to clear the subtle forms in our bodies and homes.

But the crystals themselves can become dirty and lose their filtration qualities.

Placing the crystals in pristine distilled water and adding salt is a great way to remove any built up dirt and impurities that could have been accumulated from moving them around or simply from sitting around for too long.

Be sure not to use any soaps when cleaning your crystals, as they prefer the most natural conditions possible, and they fragrances or detergents can make them foggy and distorted.

What is an egg cleanse?

In Mesoamerican cultures, specifically in Mexico, using an egg to clear our negative influences around the energetic body have been conducted for many generations.

The steps are: light a candle near you, clean the egg by placing it in water mixed with pure salt, and then make a vocal intention along the lines of clearing away bad energies and blockages that may be hindering you on a subtle level.

Then gently rub the egg – shell and all – along your face, head, and slowly towards every other part of your body.

At the end, some people will break the egg and put the yolk in a glass, wait ten minutes, and read the state of their body according to the signs reflected in the yolk’s overall condition.

The practice is centered around your personal intentions to manifest cleaning on a physical, mental an spiritual level, and are a great way to begin a new week or a new month.

What is a green tea cleansing mask

Making a facial mask from a green tea solution has become a popular way to clear out toxins around the face.

Why green tea? Green tea is rich in antioxidants which kill off free radicals, which are toxins that enter our bodies from air pollution, artificial ingredients in food, and external bacteria that we interact with on a daily basis.

There are many new companies that offer their own masks, in cream form, that are made up of 100% organic ingredients, often including coconut oil, Vitamin E, apple cider vinegar, amongst other rejuvenating compounds that are excellent at purifying the skin.

If you are experiencing a decrease in energy, problematic symptoms around digestion, lowered immune responses, and general aches and pains, it may be time to consider doing at least one or several detoxification procedures.

There are many ways to do a holistic cleaning because a cleanse comes in many forms, all of which serve to re-align us physically, mentally and spiritually to our natural state of optimal health.


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