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How to Decalcify Pineal Gland

Third Eye Pineal Gland

Much information has been discovered in recent years about how to decalcify pineal gland and the health benefits involved.

The pineal gland is a very small endocrine gland that plays a vital role in establishing and regulating our circadian rhythm. Let us all get into a good rhythm.

This gland, which is about the size of a grain of rice and looks like a tiny pine-cone. It is located at the geometric center of our brain and has a much greater role than meets the eye.

For one, it produces the hormone melatonin which makes us feel tired and prepares our bodies to rest and recharge.This task of regulating our sleep and waking cycle with melatonin establishes the baseline of the body’s ability to perform successfully in essentially every other way.

When our circadian rhythm — our body being in synch with the day and night schedule of the earth — is off, there are many cascading results that will inevitably occur.

The pineal also has the noble title of being our “third eye”. When our two eyes take in light from the world — whether from the sun, artificial lights in our homes, cell phone and computer lights, etc. — the information is sent into our brains and received in this gland.

There, the information is registered and it is determined how much serotonin should be converted into melatonin.

During daylight our body does not need to covert very much and instead secretes the serotinin, which makes us feel positive, happy and energized.

At night, and even after we sleep, our pineal is converting this serotonin into melatonin and secreting it into the bloodstream, which slows us down so that we feel tired and sleep soundly.

It is recommended to stop using electronic devices such as cell phones and computers that emit blue light after sundown because this confuses the gland into thinking it is still daylight.

Thus the body is not secreting the correct amount of melatonin according to the time of day and we stay awake and focused when we should be winding down.

But an even greater threat exists for the health of the gland: excess calcium that builds up in our body is sent to the pineal where it sits and hardens over time. This process where the calcium hardens is called calcification and hinders or stops completely the functioning in those areas of the body where this occurs.

Compounding the problem of calcification is the ingestion of heavy metals that are harmful to the body, specifically fluoride. When calcium builds up it can be broken down and reabsorbed healthily back into the bones and teeth with certain minerals, such as magnesium. But the presence of fluoride and heavy metals prevents the deposits from softening and breaking down, and even accelerates the process of calcification.

As mentioned, once calcified these affected areas will cease to function. Calcification of the pineal means our melatonin production will be diminished and not functioning properly. This can cause inconsistent sleep patterns, lessoned ability to fight off cancers, specifically breast cancer, an increased level of oxidative stress upon brain cells, and eventually neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

On an even deeper level, this gland is said to be the “third eye” in the sense that it perceives information beyond the physical light spectrum and is a seat of extra-sensory perception. One could call it our intuitive sense, our ability to “see” beyond the five traditional senses.

Ancient cultures used the pine cone symbol to represent this gland, and there are many examples of it being revered throughout the world for generations.

From the point of view of those who would seek to dominate and control other human beings, it makes perfect sense to add fluoride to the water because it produces the dual effect of diminishing the body’s ability to use the incredibly important hormone melatonin, as well as dislocating one from their intuitive, higher senses.

How to decalcify your pineal gland

The first step to working to decalcify your this most important gland is to stop drinking water with fluoride in it. Most places in the United States add fluoride to the tap water, but there are many filtering solutions such as installing a reverse-osmosis filtration system in your house.

Many companies also sell counter top filtration systems that will effectively remove fluoride as well as hundreds of other pesticides and metals that seep into the ground water before the water is treated with chemicals and then distributed to homes.

If you don’t have the resources to install a reverse-osmosis system that filters all of the water in the house prior to using it, consider a heavy duty shower filter. When taking a hot shower the water turns to steam and the skin rapidly absorbs the fluoridated water, and you are also inhaling it. Without proper filtration taking a shower is literally ingesting poisoned gases on several levels.

And finally, consider other beverages that require water to produce. Beer, ice from tap water, juice drinks, sodas, energy drinks, etc, they all will have fluoride in them unless specifically mentioned they are produced using a conscientious method that removes the fluoride, which is rare.

How to decalcify your pineal gland naturally

After taking the important steps towards preventing further ingestion of fluoride and heavy metals through water and other drinks, there are several ways to decalcify your pineal naturally using organic substances and supplements.

One key mineral to help detoxify this sensitive gland is magnesium because it counteracts the buildup of calcium everywhere in our bodies by redistributing it to bones or expelling it from cells and eventually the body.

Excess calcium is not only a danger to the your glands but can cause severe problems in the arteries by restricting blood flow to and from our heart, cause arthritis and stiffness in joints, and can even become excessive in the lungs can cause stiffness and difficulty breathing. offers a Cacao Elixir that is one of the most diverse and concentrated formulas of super foods on the market.

Two of the key ingredients contain magnesium, the organic Arriba Raw Cacao Powder (Theobroma cacao) and the organic hemp protein. Cacao is one of the ways how to decalcify pineal gland.

In fact, raw cacao contains more magnesium and zinc that any other food in the world.

The Cacao Elixir also contains Ashwagandha Root powder, blue and green algae powders, Mucuna powder, chaga mushroom, and maca root powder, all classified as super foods because of their powerful adaptogenic and healing qualities.

All are certified pure ingredients and makes this not only one of the most diverse and powerful superfood elixirs available, it will also serve to decalcify well in the process.


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