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Keto Friendly Foods

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

What are some keto friendly foods? The term diet in our society usually means reducing meals and starving.

Diet aims to achieve a goal. This means a nutrition program based on the goal, needs and obligations that must be met.

We would rather say a healthy diet instead of a diet. A healthy diet as a form of diet program can be considered a diet program.

By this we mean an adapted diet for the individual to whom we will improve, or maintain a healthy state of the organism.

Diet is by no means meant to reduce meals or replace meals with certain shakes. Diet does not mean stopping eating after 18:00 or 20:00.

The day lasts 24 hours and the body searches for something in those 24 hours. Those a little more versed in the competitive preparations of bodybuilders have already encountered this diet.

In bodybuilding circles, this is known to be extremely effective in the definition phase, ie. at the stage when the goal is to get rid of excess fat.

By the way, there are some controversies surrounding this, but the fact is that the vast majority of those who have tried it can testify to the extremely low percentages of subcutaneous fat they have achieved with it.

The ketogenic or keto diet was used as a therapy for children with epileptic seizures in the 1920s and 1930s with great success, however, with the advent of new anticonvulsant drugs, this practice was abandoned.

According to statistics, today 20-30% of patients do not respond adequately to such drugs. In that population, and especially in children, this has found its place again.

Most diets are not healthy and that is why a large number of people are looking for another way to help them lose weight. The recommendation of almost all nutritionists and doctors is to avoid exhausting diets and turn to a healthy diet.

And what is the food that promotes healthy and fast weight loss?

When it comes to diet meals for weight loss, we can freely say that there are a number of meals that encourage the melting of fat deposits in every person.

In addition to healthy meals, you also need a good diet plan that will include as many different meals as possible and balance them properly.

List of keto friendly foods

This diet was used as a therapy in children with epileptic seizures in the 1920s and 1930s with great success, however, with the advent of new anticonvulsant drugs, this practice was abandoned.

According to statistics, today 20-30% of patients do not respond adequately to such drugs. In that population, and especially in children, this diet has found its place again.

This diet makes the adjustments in metabolism described above possible, by manipulating two hormones: insulin and glucagon.

As we know, insulin is a storage hormone, which enables the transport of nutrients from the bloodstream to the cells. So, it enables the storage of glucose in the cell in the form of glycogen.

In contrast, glucagon is a mobilizing hormone. It breaks down glycogen to provide the body with glucose.

This results in increased release of free fatty acids from fat cells and their increased combustion in the liver. Ketones are formed as a by-product.

The simplest diagnostic method is to blow someone’s nose and if you get a threatening look or that person faints, you are more or less sure that ketosis has occurred. Namely, ketones have an intense, sweet "smell" so they are easy to smell.

Ketones appear in the blood (ketonemia) and in the urine (ketonuria). The most accurate indication that the body is in ketosis is evidence of the presence of ketones in the blood.

However, in everyday practice, a blood test is quite impractical, so evidence of ketones in urine can be used to detect ketosis.

The test is simply performed with strips that change colour in the presence of ketone bodies (Ketostix, etc.).

Ketone levels in the body are lowest in the morning and highest around midnight. Also, women develop higher concentrations of ketones than men, and children than adults.

In some individuals who have achieved ketonemia, the urine ketone test will be negative.

This, however, does not mean that they are not in ketosis, because we have said that ketones in the blood are an indicator of whether the body is in ketosis or not. By the way, only 10-20% of the total ketones produced in the liver come into the urine.

Some supplements, e.g. the antioxidant N-acetyl-cysteine ​​may give a false positive test for ketones.

A lot has been written about this diet, but what is most important for someone who decides to start with this diet is the list of meals that can be eaten on this diet.

Keto friendly foods list

The diet must not exclude, unless it is conditioned by health, many of a certain group, e.g. cereals, meat or vegetables and fruits, etc. Diet must not cause hypoglycemia, we must not reduce the intake of amino acids in the body.

The diet should not be based solely on vegetables or solely on fruits. The diet should not reduce the choice of meals to only one type per day.

The diet cannot last three days or three hours, and by starvation we should not lose more than 1kg per week, which is some reasonable maximum.

In the right way and at the right time intervals, it is necessary to feed the body with the necessary nutrients for its healthy functioning. The diet lasts 24 hours a day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a minimum number of daily meals, do not have to differ in shape and quantity, while the composition should be exactly the same.

It is necessary for the body to consume at least 20 g of protein per meal, about 50 g of simple carbohydrates, 30-70 g of complex carbohydrates.

Your habits will at first repel you from any change in diet, however, we will try to learn something new and try to change old habits with the right diet.

With proper nutrition, a diet is not necessary, unless it is about patients who have a special diet cared for by dietitians and nutritionists who apply the Standard for patient nutrition NN 59/15, which describes 50 different diets.

Only some of these diets, due to the specificity of the diseases for which they are intended, have omitted certain groups of meals or nutrients.

Almost all others have recommendations for all the nutrients or nutrients that are important for our body. Therefore, all the most demanding diets, as well as reduction diets, do not omit meat or fat, but the emphasis is on a healthier and better diet.

This diet is a type of diet that involves increased fat intake, moderate protein intake and minimal carbohydrate intake.

Therefore, when choosing meals, you always give preference to those that have 3 or fewer grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of the meal.

Meal that has 3-6 grams of carbohydrates can be included but in very limited quantities so that the amount does not break the daily limit of carbohydrate intake and thus get out of the state of ketosis.

Once you catch up with the ketogenic diet you will no longer have problems with what you can and cannot do. The best test is always to use keto strips, which will be a clear guide to whether you are in ketosis and whether a food you are not sure about will knock you out or not.

What foods are keto friendly

Proper weight loss means burning body fat while preserving muscle tissue, which means that in addition to healthy food, we must be physically active.

Diet is a way of eating and diet is not exclusively synonymous with weight loss. The goal of the diet can be found in two periods: by adding muscle mass or losing fat deposits, ie fat.

Adding muscle mass does not mean eating everything and being as big as possible at any cost. The goal of the mass is to add as much muscle as possible, with as few fat deposits as possible.

Losing fat or, as fitness experts call it, "definition", is a period when we originally want to get rid of fat, while maintaining muscle mass.

The most important thing is to set a goal for yourself and act according to that principle and manner. It should not be exaggerated with either of these two periods because it is a circular process.

The goal and our needs, ie. the possibilities of our organism should be in constant balance.

Numerous enzymes and nutrients are needed to break down body fat and convert it into energy. Many vitamins are directly involved in this process, especially B vitamins and minerals and proteins.

Zinc is also an important mineral that our body needs to maintain the immune system, build protein, trigger enzymes as well as create DNA.

If we want the excess fat to be metabolized in an optimal way, we must supply the body with these nutrients, which are rich in red meat. 100g of red meat has about 3.6 mg of zinc, 22 g of protein and is an excellent source of niacin and vitamin B 12.

Therefore, the best diet or nutrition is one that is varied and well-balanced and does not omit all those foods that are important to our health. These are some of the keto friendly foods that might be useful for your diet.


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