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Welcome to “The Ancient Future of Food”

Superfood Chocolate, Cacao Elixir, Medicinal Mushrooms, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts and Tonic Herbal Formulas.

Aloha and Welcome! I created Medicinal Foods to share what I picked up along my quest for health. We source from traditional Ayurvedic, Amazonian and Chinese Herbal medicinal wisdom. Combining this ancient plant knowledge with cutting – edge health and wellness technology, we deliver to you:

Medicinal Foods; Authentic, Pure and Delicious.

I developed our signature product line to taste so good, they naturally help people transition to more of a whole-live, raw-foods diet.  Our product line pulls from the healing arts of Ayurvedic, Amazonian and Chinese Herbal wisdom. By combining ancient plant knowledge with cutting-edge health and wellness technology, we bring to you:

“The Ancient Future of Food”.  

The name Medicinal Foods also pay homage Hippocrates famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine and,” the part often not talked about, “…let medicine be thy food“.
In this video, I introduce some of our Signature Superfood Chocolate blends like the Cacao Elixir and Lovers BarSee how my 7-year-old daughter, Star, loves our Micronized Medicinal Mushroom Mycelium: Super-Oxygenating Cordyceps and 4-Color Reishi that’s 100X more potent than wild Reishi! 

These “nano” particle sized medicinal mushroom mycelium powder keeps your  immune system strong and healthy.

And they taste so good, we put them in our superfood chocolate and raw cacao mix.  When mixed with nut milk, the nano mushrooms make a creamy, malty shake. Most of all, though, our daughter likes all the nutrient-dense superfood powders… plain!

Our proprietary, “Shaman’s Blend” combines superfoods, supergreens, tonic herbs, mood enhancers, and a complete source of plant protein.

Used in our signature products: Cacao Elixir, Superfood Chocolate and Chocolate Covered Macnuts and Mulberries. These unique “Mood-Enhancing” chocolate products provide an incredible experience of peace and well-being, opening the door to the heart.
The Cacao Elixir, Medicinal Mushroom Mycelium and Tonic Herbal Formulas, are powders, to be incorporated into smoothies and elixirs.  Gone are the days of pills and capsules.  Explore around this site and discover what many are calling the next great Health and Wellness company.  

-Sky Kubby Founder of Medicinal Foods




Journey with us as we apply what we have learned from the ancient shamans.


Learn from our Founder, Sky Kubby about how Medicinal Food’s products can help you experience Radiant Health.


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