Natural Coconut Oil Body Butter

Easy Homemade Whipped Body Butter

*guest post* Did you know that when it comes to health, what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body? Indeed, the largest organ of your body is your skin and since it is porous, it can absorbs everything you put on it. Whatever your skin absorbs gets dumped into your… more »

Image for 4 Natural Alternatives to Sugar

4 Natural Alternatives to Sugar

White sugar is often mentioned by nutritionists as something that leads to weight gain and disease. Limiting sugar consumption is important and a real possibility when you switch it out with naturally sweet alternatives. Women should consume no more than 6 tsp of sugar daily. Men should have no more… more »

Image for Vitae-Elixxir Herbal Extract

Vitae-Elixxir Herbal Extract

This MUST READ text was written in 1991 by the creator of Vitae Elixxir who had Cancer of the bone, stomach, lymph, nose and eyes as well as Asthma, Arthritis and Bronchitis. Independently wealthy, he worked with a Navajo Indian medicine man and other herbalists to perfect this formula. He… more »

Image for Reishi Maca-chino Drink Recipe

Reishi Maca-chino Drink Recipe

Reishi Maca-chino For coffee lovers. Inspired John Biloon, From South Kona, Hawaii. We used to wake up and make the original Mac-a-chino with his home grown Kona Coffee, Macnuts and Hawaiian Honey, blended. This tasty Elixir has the power to substitute for coffee, without sacrificing flavor or… more »

Image for The Dangers of Aluminum Foil

The Dangers of Aluminum Foil

If you haven’t heard of the health concerns caused by aluminum foil, it’s time that you did. It’s the type of knowledge you need to have to remain healthy. Aluminum foil seems harmless enough, right? It’s an alternative to plastic wrap and can be handy when barbecuing on the grill. The Metal… more »

regrow enable and heal cavities

Gum Brushing Techniques

It’s well known that good oral hygiene helps prevent disease, but the nasty plaque buildup that is at the root of these health issues doesn’t end at your teeth. In fact, if you aren’t cleaning your gums properly, you could be forcing plaque from your teeth into your gums, which causes gum… more »

Boost immune system by eating healthy

7 Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

If you want to know what the benefits of a raw food diet are but aren’t sure where to get reliable information, you’re in luck. We’re experts here at Medicinal Foods. We produce raw foods that you’ll want to add to your diet because of all the benefits that they offer. In fact, we make it… more »

Medicinal Herbs and healing plants

4 Plant-Based Superfoods to Eat For More Energy

When it comes to eating healthily, nothing benefits the body more than plant-based superfoods such as these mulberries. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, these miracle foods provide you with boundless energy. If you’ve never ate them before, it’s time to add them to your diet. If they’re… more »

fresh organic vegetables

Is Eating Organic Worth The Cost?

When it comes to shopping for the foods your family eats, cost probably remains a factor for you. When weighing out the pros and cons of buying organic, there is much more than the price tag to consider. For a few extra dollars, you can promote good health, get fresher, better quality products, and… more »