In good health

There are countless ways to be in good health and to live an optimal life free from disease. We are fortunate to live in an era when discovering new techniques to do so is as easy as doing a few Google searches.

What people have trouble doing is staying committed to a wellness plan for the long-term.

There are many “get fit quick” schemes that try to sell solutions that simply do not pan out if holistic and sustainable well-being is your goal.

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We’ve all see the infomercials that claim a simple pill will shed 20 to 30 pounds in a month without a change in diet or exercise.

But those are the two key components — diet and exercise — of maintaining a solid figure and well functioning immune system to fight off diseases that will keep you in shape even if exercise not your top priority.

How can you optimize your physical health

Instead of investing in short-term and flashy products with big promises, the best way to begin investing in your wellness potential is making a practical plan that can be implemented without too drastic of lifestyle changes.

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It is no secret why gym memberships spike in January and gradually level out to normal levels in the following months: people make unrealistic goals that require sacrifices that haven’t clearly thought through.

And they may have made those plans under the influence of a few drinks at a New Years Eve party.

Here are some easy exercise tips that can be implemented without embarking on serious commitments made in haste or overly-ambitious goals in mind.

Take More Walks

Some people are too busy to step out for an afternoon stroll, or rely so much on driving so it is impractical for them to walk or cycle to work or take an extended lunch to walk around the block.

One solution is to plan out 2 to 3 days a week to simply walk around your neighborhood for 45 minutes to an hour. A great time to do so is right after you get home from work.

It is not a strenuous activity that runs the risk of you losing inspiration after just a couple attempts, such as jogging or lifting weights.

Not only does it get your blood flowing in a relaxed manner, but helps to significantly reduce stress by focusing on your outer environment instead of allowing your mind to constantly accumulate thoughts and anxious tendencies when sitting at your office or in the car.

Eat Out Less Often

There’s nothing like a relaxing night on the town, but there can be a tendency to over-indulge with the luxury of not having to cook for yourself or your family.

Setting a realistic limit about the number of times each week that you either go out to a restaurant or order take-out can help re-focus your appetite and habits on eating fresh at home.

And a hidden reason why many people find themselves in a less-than-ideal physical condition is the food they order is often prepared with excess salt, cooked in toxic vegetable oils, or contains processed sugars.

So while a chef can prepare delicious meals, you are not in full control over what you are putting in your body which can lead to unintended obstacles later on.

Tips for Health & Grooming

Maintaining top-notch physical condition extends farther than just your exercise activities and the foods you eat.

Another hidden source of toxicity are grooming products that contain artificial hormones, laboratory-produced particulates, and even heavy metals.

The body needs to deal with these artificial chemicals in some way, and this often means storing them in the tissues of major organs because the body simply doesn’t know what else to do with them.

The gradual accumulation of these artificial components found in the vast majority of shampoos, deodorants, soaps, laundry detergents, make-up, and skin creams can lead not only to an inefficient digestive process but also behavioral disorders.

When the body is dealing with these unnatural chemicals it takes a gradual but significant toll on most of the major systems, which can lead to circulatory issues, inflammation, tumors, and chronic skin conditions.

A simple and effective solution is to spend that extra $3-4 on a soap or shampoo that is made locally or produced by a company that advertises its all-natural ingredient list.

Although it may seem like an extra burden on your wallet, when you prioritize higher quality grooming products you are most definitely avoiding more serious bodily problems down the road.

Keys to Natural Health

For people who want to take a more serious step in ensuring long-term, practical and timeless solutions for wellness, consider growing food at home.

This doesn’t mean quitting your job, moving to the country and starting a farm. But many people overlook very basic techniques that can go a long way to establish a more fruitful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Even if you live in a small apartment in a big city, having a windowsill herb garden can be a fun hobby that adds an extra layer of nutrition to any meal.

Even just having more plants in the house has shown to improve air quality and provide a calmer and stress-reduced atmosphere.

Many people discover that when they get started growing food at home, little by little they become more ambitious and start a small vegetable patch in their yard.

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Working in the garden is not only great outdoor exercise, but you will be eating foods that may be even more nutritious than even the organic foods available at your supermarket.

And if you set realistic goals like supplementing 10% of the tomatoes you eat with what you’ve grown outside, gradually you can increase it to 20% the next year, and so on.

You’ll be eating better, exercising more, and saving money all with one activity you can do at home. Not to mention beautifying your property or domestic space.

How to find a natural health food store near me

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Farmer’s markets, natural food stores, and co-ops have sprung up all over the place in recent years.

These local outposts are a great way to interact with your community while investing in products that generate positive lifestyle changes.

A quick search online should reveal several options even if you are living in a small town. Even better yet, you can make friends with a local farmer and buy direct the freshest meat, dairy and greens in your area.

When people feel it’s time for a change of lifestyle they can get off on the wrong food by thinking a gym membership, diet, or buying an expensive workout machine will be a sure ticket to becoming fit.

While these can all work just fine, they can be impulse ambitions that don’t work long-term as people so often fall into old habits.

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Making the conscious decision to be in good health should be begun carefully without trying to hit a home run when a simple base hit can get the rally started.